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Every Child - Every Day! April 8, 2016


Congratulations to Loren Broaddus and Angie Odom for being selected as finalist for the 2016 Teacher of the Year!

Why Project Based Learning (PBL)?

Project Based Learning’s time has come. The experience of thousands of teachers across all grade levels and subject areas, backed by research, confirms that PBL is an effective and enjoyable way to learn - and develop deeper learning competencies required for success in college, career, and civic life. Why are so many educators across the United States and around the world interested in this teaching method? The answer is a combination of timeless reasons and recent developments.

  • PBL makes school more engaging for students.
  • PBL improves learning.
  • PBL builds success skills for college, career, and life.
  • PBL helps address standards.
  • PBL provides opportunities for students to use technology.
  • PBL makes teaching more enjoyable and rewarding.
  • PBL connects students and schools with communities and the real world.
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Classroom Management: Your First, Last 2 Minutes

This article gives examples of how you can use the first two and last two minutes of the class period to build relationships and help with classroom management.


Speaking Exchange Program

Below is a motivational video that I think you will enjoy that highlights a speaking exchange program in Brasil.
CNA - Speaking Exchange