Invention Convention

Details for this Years Convention

Dates to Remember

January 21- Implementation Report due

February 12- Board due

Convention Details


Implementation Report ---- Due January 21st

​NO personal pronouns

This should be about 2 pages typed, double spaced and added to your original report.

​Sources documented –

​Paragraph form





​​No smaller font than 36 pt.

​​Large Tri-fold board

​​Colorful, Vivid

• description / documentation of how you tested the prototype - very clear details.

• description / documentation of how the prototype did on the testing implementation.

• some documentation and information that shows research of the market for the product. (survey of people who might use it or think it is useful)

The board items should be (roughly)

Broad, Main, or large headings:

Problem Identification

Designing and creating a solution

Implementation of the prototype

Analyzing Effectiveness

• Product Name / Title

Possible Sub-headings under those:

• photos / video / sketches - under any of the above

• market research data - under problem and implementation

• sources / resources - under designing and creating

• date, school name, your name, my name, product name - on a separate index card label, (print two - one for front, one for back)


1. Please know the event is March 16-17, 2015 at the TD Convention Center. I’d spoken with a handful of you about the event possibly being on March 9-10. I just wanted to be sure you had the correct dates before planning your curriculum next year.

2. The most important update is the new process we are implementing for judging. Starting next year, there will be a 3-tier judging process. During the 1st round, we will begin judging as soon as the inventor’s project is up and ready. This means the iHeartMedia staff will be judging throughout the day until 4pm (5pm at the absolute latest for late comers). We will mark the inventions with a ribbon or marker to let the inventor know if they’ve made it to the 2nd round (this will be done roughly between 4pm-5pm). From 6-8p, an elite set of judges will come in to judge the 1st round finalists. The 3rd and final round is completed by the iHeartMedia staff. Please know that students are not required to be present during the first 2 rounds, although it is encouraged. This process is to keep from having so many students/teachers/staff out so late at night. Here is an outline to simplify it:

a. Monday – Invention Setup/First Round of Judging, 10a-4pm

b. Monday – 2nd Round of judging, 6pm-8pm (approx). During this time, each 1st round finalist will be judged by 2 sets of judges for fair/accurate results.

c. Monday – 3rd Round of judging, 8pm – TBD (students are not needed during this period)

d. Tuesday – Schools will be notified first thing in the morning if they have any winners.

e. Tuesday – Awards Ceremony at 6pm on the 2nd floor above the invention hall (up the escalators, on the left)