Fundraising Facts

Big Kahuna Fundraiser

Fundraiser ends September 23! Products will be delivered Thursday, October 20.

Our goal is to have each student sell at least 1 item. If every child in our classroom sells one item, we earn $100 to spend on classroom supplies.

Stackerz Tickets

When your child sells items, please fill out and return the correlating ticket in their packet so they can earn their Stackerz. They can turn in tickets after selling a total of 1 item, 3 items, 5 items, 7 items, 10 items, 12 items, 15 items, and 20 items.

For example, your child will turn in their 1 item sold ticket after they sold 1 item. Then when they sell a total of 3 items, they will turn in the sold 3 items ticket.