8th Grade Me

Carlos Zamudio

10 Descriptive Words About Me

Athletic, Loquacious, Confident, Efficient, Friendly, Hard working, Knowledgeable, Manipulative, Outgoing, Self-Confident.

Things That Inspire Me


Why these things show who I am

Favorite Book and Movie

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Percy Jackson is my favorite series of books since the first one that came out.
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Una Pelicula de Huevos is a movie in Spanish that is really funny (if you speak spanish). One time our teacher even let me and my freinds watch the movie during class on the overhead.

A place that has had an influence on me

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This is Durango, Mexico. This is where my moms side of the family originated from. This is place has influence me cause that's when I realized that other people aren't as fortunate as me and also that other places on the earth are really beautiful.