Michael Jordan

Air Jordan

A leader was born

Michael Jordan was born Febuary,17,1963 in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Jordan is still alive
Michael Jordan "His Airness"


Michael atended north carolina in 1981 and left at his junior year.

NBA career

Michael Jordan started his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls and finished with the Chicago Bulls but for a amount of time Michael did his job with the wizards. Michael led the bulls to 6 championchips. Michael was later given an award he would earn four more times in 1991-1992-1996-1998. He holds the NBA records for the highest career regular season points averaging 30 points per game.Michael led the Bulls to a Eastern Confrence Championchip. Unfortinutually Michael does not play in the NBA anymore.

The Big Leauges

During the summer of 1984 Michael Jordan played basketball in the olympics at Losangales.


In the year of 2006 Michael divorced with his wife.


Michael Jordan played Minor Leauge Baseball for the Chicago White Sox
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