Jane Ball Happenings

Week of January 11- January 15

Shout Outs- Reminders and Other Information

Congratulations to the following teachers:

Mallory Julian

Bea Cak

Valerie Nairn

Lynn Van Meter

Haley Mandernach

Gay Plants

Trista Mantel

Lola Jean Brink wants to give them a special board commendation to recognize their participation in submitting stories to her to include on the school/district websites, newspapers and Facebook. Great job sharing the amazing things happening at Jane Ball.

Operation Lifesaver and Lockdown

Lane is putting together a presentation for ALL grade levels for Operation Lifesaver on February 9th.

We will also be having a Lockdown this week on Wednesday. Please go over procedures with your students.

Missing cords

PTO is missing some cords for their video games they used on Friday Night Live. If you have seen them please let me or Erin know.


  • Please make sure that your univent is clear to ensure that the custodians can access them to make sure they are running smoothly.
  • Google Docs should be updated no later than Friday!
  • Paper usage- Please make sure you are using the secured print feature on the copier. Classroom copies should be made on the copy machines and not the laser printers. Please use 2 sided prints whenever possible.
  • Grades 4 and 5 please give a copy of your honor roll students to Lori. Grades are due no later than Friday before you leave. Please make sure you are using the correct settings on Powerschool.

Flu Season

As we have all seen the flu season is back!

Please be sure students are washing hands. Also please refrain from having stuffed animals in your room. They can attract germs and can be a source of spreading of illnesses. I realize some of you have used this in the past as an incentive but with this crazy flu season we need to look at ways to prevent spreading of the illnesses.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Textbook Adoption

Textbook samples for Math will be housed in the Faculty lounge. As was the practice last year, please complete a rubric for each math series (Due dates to be determined). Mary will be having the top three vendors present to staff for our final vote. Elementary is NOT attending the caravan. If you have questions please let me know. I will be emailing you the rubric on a separate email.

One Book One District

Please consider attending the meeting by Marcie on Friday. This is an excellent way to reach out to parents and families to involve them in literacy here at Jane Ball. Thanks to Marcie on all her hard work putting this together.

ISTEP Stress Test!

We will be testing the system for ISTEP January 20th between 9:00 and 10:00. We will need grade 5 and special teachers to help with this. All Labs and Laptops will need to be used during this time. Please watch your emails as this may impact ALL grade levels.

ISTEP Practice Platform

ISTEP+ Part 2 will occur on a different online platform this year through Pearson. In order to give the students prior experience with the platform, Electronic Practice Assessment Tests (ePATS) are available.

I sent out an email during the holiday break but will resend. Information will also be sent out to parents by Lola Jean and through an ALL call.

Professional Development Updates

Diana will be doing lesson studies for grades K-2, 3, and 4-5. I will be setting up dates this week. The lesson study will be 1/2 day PD with both myself and Diana. Part of the time I will be going over ISTEP results with grades 3-5 in Math and we will be developing plans to go forward.

In addition Marcie will be meeting with grades K-3 and 4-5 . Grades 4 and 5 will be doing Great Books training while grades K-3 will have PD tailored to their individual team needs. All dates will be finalized this week.


InView test results need to go home with report cards for ALL second and fifth grade students. I will have Lori give you the results this week. I am also working on a cover letter to include with the results. I should have that for you no later than Wednesday.

What's Happening

Monday January 11

8:00- RTI- Library

Tuesday January 12

8:00 Personal PD day

6:00- Board Meeting - Commendation for several JB teachers!

Wednesday January 13

8:00 Technology Subcommittee

3:30 PTO meeting


8:00 Team Meetings


Records Day No school

Grades and google doc updates are due BEFORE you leave.