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March 16, 2020


This information is accurate as of 3:30pm on 3/16/2020. Many have questions regarding if this closure goes longer than the three weeks. At this time, we are operating on a three week closure, and do not have any other updated information. As soon as we have more information, we will share it.

Hebron Families

On behalf of the Hebron staff, we want our families to know how much we are going to miss our kiddos during this time. We have been so proud of our students and their hard work with reading, writing, math and so many other accomplishments. This has been challenging to say the least. I am sure this has been difficult for all of you. There has been a lot of changes occurring, and they keep happening day to day. We truly appreciate all of our families patience during this time. This newsletter is going to provide information as we know it currently to help you all navigate the next few weeks.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Nikki Henry, principal

What is my child expected to do during this time?

Each grade level, K-2 created a work packet for your child during this three week time period. This packet can be found at https://www.lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us/dlportal.aspx.

These grade level packets include:

1. Reading Logs- we do want students to read for 20 minutes a day. If you do not have access to reading materials check out:








2. Writing - each grade level provided writing prompts for students to do at least 5 writings

If you are not able to access the materials, please let your child's teacher know by Wednesday through email. The office staff will be receiving those names from the staff, to make sure by Thursday a packet is mailed out to you.

3. Sight Words - grade levels provided sight words and sight word activities. Students need to work on learning their sight words.

4. Fundations - Fundations is our phonics program and teachers provided some practice sheets that students should work on.

5. Math - teacher provided math work for students to work on.

6. STMath - students can access STMath on-line. We do expect students to get on and work for about 15 minutes minimum a day. There is a link on our Hebron resource web-page, or the penguin at: https://www.lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us/dlportal.aspx. If your child has completed STMath, they have an account for Zearn. If you have more questions, please email your child's teacher.

7. Other - the grade levels also provided some other materials and included resources for parents.

Access and Delivery of Instruction

1. All grade level packets can be accessed at


3. Teachers will be available daily via email to address questions or concerns from families, administration and students during the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 pm (Be mindful that March 20 and March 23 are considered calamity days and teachers will not be available. As well as March 28-April 5 (due to Spring Break)

4. In the event a student is unable to access the internet, the student will not be penalized for missed assignments and will be afforded reasonable time to make up work upon return to school.

5. Students who do not have access to technology will be provided paper copies of all assignments to be completed. These will be mailed per request of the parent to the teacher. Parents you need to email you child's teacher by Wednesday, March 18 by noon if you need a hard copy.

6. Families we are asking if you know of Hebron families that have no technology at all, that you pass along this message.

WIFI Assistance for Families without WIFI at Their Home

To help ease this transition and make it possible for ALL students to have access to WiFi, Spectrum and Comcast are now offering internet services for free or at a discounted rate for 60 days to any K-12 or College student.

Charter-Spectrum's Free WiFi Deal

Charter-Spectrum is offering free access to broadband and WiFi services to households with students who do not already have the services. The WiFi access will be available for 60 days to households with students from kindergarten to college who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription at any service level up to 100 Mbps. To enroll in the service you can call 1-844-488-8395 or click the link above to learn more.

Comcast "Internet Essentials" Program

Comcast says applicants who qualify will get a 25 Mbps connection for free for two months. All new customers in this program will receive a free self-install kit that includes a cable modem and WiFi router. There is no term contract. Click the link above to learn more.

Student Meals During School Closure

The district will provide free, brown bag meals for students from 6 locations across the district. The locations are as follows:

· Eagle Wings Academy (Jacksontown Rd just north of US-40 on OH-13)

· Goodwill (Buckeye Lake, Route 79)

· Hebron Elementary School (Hebron, Deacon Street)

· Lakewood Local School District Services Building (State Route 40, just west of 79)

· St. John's Lutheran Church (Linnville Road)

· The Water's Edge Community Center (Hilton Road at Walnut Road)

Meals will be distributed from 10-11 a.m. on the dates below. Any student in the district is eligible to receive these meals. Each student will receive 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches in their meal sack.

Dates: Wednesday, March 18

Tuesday, March 24

Thursday, March 26

There will be no meal service during the district’s spring break from March 30-April 3. School is set to resume Monday, April 6. In the event that the school district remains closed for a longer period of time, additional plans will be communicated for the continued distribution of meals.

Special Education

Special Education

  1. All IEP and 504 Plan modifications and accommodations will be provided to students through assignments in hard copies that were designed for specific students.
  2. Teachers will continue to provide modified coursework or accommodations, testing, and materials to all students who qualify for these services.
  3. Students requiring extended time for assignments will be given extended-time based on the school day schedule.
  4. Intervention specialists, and service providers (Speech Lang. Pathologist, OT, PT, etc.) will communicate with each parent by next week and document parent feedback regarding students. Intervention Specialists and service providers will be available during the hours of 8:20 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


  1. All assignment packets are expected to be completed and due upon return to school on April 6.
  2. Questions about individual classes should be directed to your child’s teacher.

Lakewood Local School Facilities and Communication

1. Over the next three weeks, Lakewood Local Schools is closed.

2. Parents if you have questions about an assignment, please contact your child’s teacher via email.

3. Teachers and administrators will be working remotely from home.

4. The best way to communicate at this time is through email. Please feel free to email your child's teacher, Mr. Coffey (Dean of Students tcoffey@laca.org), Mrs. Henry (Principal nhenry@laca.org) or Mrs. Harkness (School secretary mharkness@laca.org)

The Blooming Ball Update

The Blooming Ball is canceled for Friday 3/20. We hope to reschedule at a later date.
We will update as more information becomes available.

PTO Update on Pepperoni Roller Fundraiser

Hello all! We are very sad to announce the cancellation of our Pepperoni Roller Fundraiser.

Due to current events we don’t believe the logistics will work since we are unsure of what the rest of the school year holds. Please return all money collected. If you have already turned money into the school we will make sure it gets returned. Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a happy and safe extended spring break!

Sight Word Ideas- Click Here

Here are some ideas that can be used not just in the classroom but also at home.

Design Challenge


The Lorax was trying to help the environment by saving the Truffula trees. Think of a way that you and your classmates could help improve our environment (save water, recycle, plant trees, etc.) and design a poster to promote your idea. This can be turned in April 6th as well.

Hebron Facebook

Make sure you also check our Hebron Facebook page, we put a lot of information up on the website.

We would love for our parents to share any links or ideas they are doing at home during the next three weeks with their children!


We plan to be updating information via email, Facebook and twitter. Please be mindful that as you are finding out information, so are we. This is new chartered waters for all of is and we appreciate your patience and support.

We will all get through this together and we appreciate our Hebron families!