Frequent Monitoring

Active Engagement Strategies

What is Active Engagement/Frequent Monitoring?

When students are engaged in the lesson, it is active and requires students to make a stand and opinion. It forces participation in the lesson. Students not only participate, but have an understanding through their own perspective of the topic. Class becomes fun and manageable which can also help decrease drop out rate.

Asking students to engage in activity every 15-20 minutes keeps students motivated to learn. It is also a great tool to check for content understanding!

One teachers perspective - Kevin Wooten

Engagement through individual and team classwork skills. Creates teamwork and peer accountability while encouraging learning in the classroom.

Class Handout


Kevin is in his first year teaching english at North Iredell High School. Prior to teaching he was in the soft drink industry! He is excited about his student's engagement and learning!

How can you use this in your classroom?

Think about your content and how you can apply a variety of instructional strategies in your classroom that will constantly have kids engaged.