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Activity Ideas for First Nations 10 Commandments

The following is just a few ideas on how your students can explore the First Nations Ten Commandments. The Commandments are a great way to co-construct Classroom Expectations with your students.

  1. Journaling
  2. Talking Circles and Grandfather Tree Teachings
  3. My Classroom

Below are some pdf documents to help support your teaching. If you would like an editable version, please email me and I will send you the Microsoft Publisher version.

Pole 1 ~ Obedience

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Grades K - 4 Obedience Activity Ideas.

1. The following is a list of picture books that may help to supplement your Obedience Tipi Teaching:

  • We Learn from the Sun ~ David Bouchard
  • Showing Good Manners at School ~ Achilles Gentle
  • Showing Good Manners on the Playground ~ Achilles Gentle
  • Showing Good Manners on the Bus ~ Achilles Gentle
  • Showing Good Manners in the Lunchroom ~ Achilles Gentle
  • Franklin is Lost
  • Franklin Helps Out

Read alouds and episodes of Franklin can be found on YouTube if they cannot be located in the library or your classroom library.

2. Watch the video, "Who is Wesakechak?" Discuss why he is important in First Nations culture.


We learn by listening to traditional stories; by listening to our parents or guardians, our fellow students and our teachers. We learn by their behaviours and their reminders, so that we know what is right and what is wrong. ~ SICC

Grades 5 - 8 Obedience Activity Ideas

1. Questions to consider for class discussions, sharing circles, or journal entries:

  • In which ways do you demonstrate obedience?
  • Why is it important to show obedience?
  • How could you help others practice obedience?
  • How does obedience affect your body and your actions?
  • How does obedience affect your thinking and feelings?
  • How will practicing obedience improve your relationship with others?

2. Read/watch and discuss the story "A Promise is a Promise" by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak and Robert Munch.

3. Read/watch and discuss the story "Granny's Giant Bannock" by Brenda Wastasecoot.

4. Read and discuss the story Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle.

5. LIsten to Bente Huntley tell the story of "How the Birch Tree Got It's Stripes." Discuss how it relates to the Tipi Teaching Obedience.

6. Watch the video, "Who is Wesakechak?" Discuss why he is important in First Nations culture.

A Promise is a Promise
Read Along with Brenda Wastasecoot: Granny's Giant Bannock
How the Birch Tree Got its Stripes

Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is a day is a movement that officially began in 2013. It was designed to educate people about the residential school system and the impact it had on Indigenous communities for more than 100 years and the impact it still has today in Canada. On this day we wear orange shirts to honour the Indigenous children who were sent away to residential schools.

Below are some books on video that may be useful in your classroom to initiate a dialogue about the importance of remembering families who have been affected by residential schools.

Grades K - 4

Stolen Words
When We Were Alone Book Final Edit
Shi shi etko
Digital Picture Book Talk

Grade 5 - 8

"The Stranger" Official Video - Gord Downie - Secret Path

Kelsa Henry Remy

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