Unit 2 Summative Assessment

My Claim:

People go through conflicts and cooperation as they move through other social groups, due to their own cultural differences.


While playing Bullets and Ballots, I was in the Guerilla social group, and we were pretty much just really mad peasants, and we wanted to better the government and lessen the power that the Army and Wealthy held. During the three days that we played this game, one person was silenced, and two leaders were kidnapped by the Army and Wealthy, so everybody was afraid of them and stayed at the church.

Conflicts & Cooperation:

There were a lot of treaties made during this game, and some of them were to help each other out, but then there were some that back fired. Some examples are listed below;

  • In the very beginning of the day, the peasants made a treaty with the Army and Wealthy, but the Army and Wealthy made the mistake of not reading the fine print, and they lost 200 MSU's to the peasants.
  • Soon after this, the Army and Wealthy were too powerful, so they were able to take back their 200 MSU's.
  • We, the Guerillas, made a treaty with the U.S government, and we were able to cooperate and stick with each other throughout the game.
  • The Army and Wealthy decided to silence a Guerilla.
  • One of the biggest conflicts was when the Army and Wealthy decided to kidnap the leader of the peasants, and the leader of the Guatemalan government, and everyone was afraid of them afterwards, so they went to the church for safety.
  • But, at the end of the game, the U.S ended up taking over, and making the government a Democracy, so that the peasants had a say in things, and they made us, the guerillas, the new military, and pretty much everyone won, except for the Army and Wealthy, who are now just the Wealthy.

Now, not only was their a lot of conflicts and cooperation, but people were also migrating around the room in order to communicate with other groups.


I have predicted that the peasants will finally have peace, and they will be able to walk the streets of Guatemala without fearing for their lives. Also, I believe that the peasants will get more say in what happens, because the U.S made it a democracy, and I also predict that the Guerillas will make a good army, and they will protect the peasants. Everyone will live in peace, and no one will be feared.

Conflict Across the World

There was a conflict in Guatemala, and the five social groups were, the Guerrillas, the Army and Wealthy, the Guatemalan Government, the Peasants, and the U.S.

The Guerrillas - They were just angry peasants, and they just wanted the government to not be corrupt, and they hated the Army and Wealthy.

The Army & Wealthy - They just wanted to be in power.

The Guatemalan Government - They also just wanted to be in power.

The Peasants - They wanted the Army and Wealthy to stop all the killing, and they just wanted to live in peace.

The U.S - They were trying to help the peasants, and they didn't want to have any communism.

Life Connection

Every time that people move to another house, or city, or country, they are migrating. Everybody migrates no matter who they are, and they may move to a different place because of the different culture.

Personal Connection

I have moved multiple times in my life. I was born in New Hampshire, but then I moved to Louisiana and I lived there for five years, then I moved back to New Hampshire, but my dad moved us multiple times to different cities, and it was always because of his job, but when we moved to Louisiana it was because of family.