The Texas Update

A Tragic Fire

A tragic fire has went down at the apartments on Presidents street and two adults died in the fire. We the press are sending out letters to foster care and orphanage to see if they want these two children. The police are are still trying to figure out how the fire started.

These two lovely kids look like they are really nice and sweet, and we don't want them to be lonely. There is a chance they might go into foster care, so if you want two lovely kids you better hurry and contact the press know. We hope that they do get adopted.

Dear Nora,

I am struggling to help my garden stay healthy, so what should I do if I don't want my Garden wither away. I really need your help because my plants are not producing fruits, vegetables, or seeds.

The one's that do produce seeds, fruits, and vegetables, and the food taste bad and the seeds don't look like they will grow and so I got a little worried. I am really desperate for help, so I can help people eat healthy with the food I just.


Not a good farmer

Dear Not a Good Farmer,

Are you checking each plant you are growing, because some plants don't need as much water as other and some don't need as much sunlight. You also want to try to keep your plants from animals that will eat your plants. Also make sure that you are adding a decent amount of fertilizer.

Also make sure that you are spacing your plants from on another, so that they do not get tangled. If you want to help people make healthy choices , you should make a sign or a stand telling people about healthy choices and your fresh food.



The Yes, No Debate On Code Orange

Yes! The kids that read and loved the book say that if you love a very mysterious and twist ending books and hard pack disease research book. The book Is hard fighting and has bio terrorism that is a twist. It is also a fiction book that has real items.

No! If you do not like an injury or big twisting book then this not the book for you. Some people don't like to be hanging at the end of the book and if you are one of those people then this is not the book for you. If you hate thinking about a nasty disease then don't read this book.