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Nearly 25% of all Americans experience pain, have wounds and ugly scars. Wounds and scars varies according to your diagnosis, and each person may experience differently.

That’s why the experts at Enriched Life Pharmaceuticals extensively study the unique traits of for each condition and the effects that different medication ingredients have on pain symptoms.

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Many Americans with these symptoms have tried multiple methods for relief and have given up hope for lasting relief. Others refuse to take medications for fear of unbearable side effects or becoming addicted.

Enriched Life Pharmaceuticals can change these perceptions with custom, non-addictive topical pain relief, wound and scar creams formulated just for you! Our goal is to help youobtain long-term relief, smooth and healthy skin; while working with you to ensure an affordable solution.

Call a customer service representative today apply now to find out if you are a candidate for our custom, topical pain, wound or scar relief cream.

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Custom compound medication created specifically for you

It became apparent at Enriched Life after speaking with our many prescribing physicians,nthat the average physician in private practice doesn’t really know the asset and tool they haveat their fingertips when they choose to work with a compounding pharmacy.

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Benefits of a Compounding Pharmacy

We pride ourselves in listening to our physicians and their patients to seek solutions for the many health situations prevalent in our society. We offer innovative solutions to traditional problems by working hand-in-hand with our physicians and pharmacists, to continually seek the best results!

Treat the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

Topical pain creams are an example of Enriched Life’s goal to revolutionize the way that pain management is practiced byhealthcare providers and delivered to the patients depending on them. Rather than the customary prescribing of anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants while stressing the liver and gut, and then prescribing corticosteroids when the prior regimen failed ; physicians can now offer topically administered creams bypassing the liver and gut/first pass effect.

Our compounds offer a complete and well-rounded approach to your conditions while treating the cause and not only the symptoms.

No More Pain

Out of the fifty million Americans suffering from Chronic pain, be the one that is painless!!!