Wiener Dog Stampede

By: Aditi Chiruvanuru


The commercial is basically showing how good Heinz products are with hot dogs, so this commercial mostly appeals to people who like to go to sporting events, because hot dogs are a staple of sporting events. This also especially appeals to people who like to go tailgating or barbecuing, or camping, or something outdoorsy like that.


A psychographic group is a description of people based on their lifestyles, values and attitude towards specific things. The psychographic group this commercial is for the mainstreamers and the aspirers. The mainstreamers are people who like home-oriented comfort. They prefer not to stand out, so they'll go for the well known value brands, and Heinz is a well known value brand. The aspirers are more materialistic. They'll buy brands that will help them fit into various social groups.


I do think this advertisement was very effective. The general response to this ad is to think or say that they're super cute. Not the just the wiener dogs, but also that one little kid in the ketchup packet costume. They way the dogs get excited about the Heinz products, and way they just jump into the people's arms is what makes it very appealing to us. Even the song they used for the commercial, it had the words "I can't live without you..." which basically is saying that this product is so good, and it would only benefit us if we used it.


All Pictures are from : "HEINZ Ketchup Game Day 2016 Hot Dog Commercial | "Wiener Stampede" - Extended Cut." YouTube. Youtube, 31 Jan. 2016. Web. 9 Feb. 2016.