Solving Two-Step Equations

This poster will explain how to solve two-step equations

The Problem

Two-step equations are equations that involve two steps to get x by itself. Here is an example below.
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How to do it

To solve an equation like this, you have to do two steps (obviously). First, you must get rid of the "floating" number, or the number that isn't connected to x by adding or subtracting the opposite. And whatever you do to one side of the equation you do to the other. So in this example, when you have to subtract seven from the left side, you must subtract seven from the other side. Then, you are left with the x value is equal to the left side. Now, you must multiply or divide to get x by itself. In this example, you have to multiply by 5 to get ride of the fraction. And when that happens -10 gets multiplied by 5 also, to finally get x by itself. You are left with x = -50.


Good! You now know how to solve a two step equation! Happy computing!