Boston's goal setting

term 3 2013

Aspire 2 Achieve

My A2A goal for this term will be to be persistent when working, and to stay on focus. I will achieve this by having a good nutritious breakfast and to have brain breaks when needed. This will help my because I will not distract myself and others and I will get more work done in the time frame.

I did not have a A2A goal last term.

Maths Goals

My maths goal for term 3 is to achieve 100% in my basic facts test for term 3. I will achieve this by practicing on tutpup or mathletics 4 times a week for at least fifteen minutes a session. I also want to get an extra 3 answers correct for the next Ikan test for fractions so I will be working stage 7. To achieve this I will also play mathletics when I practice basic facts.

My maths goal for last term was to master fractions in the Ikan test. I did not master fractions in the Ikan test. I didn't achieve this goal because was not on mathletics enough every week.

Reading Goals

My reading goal is to push myself out of my comfort zone by reading a range of different genres.

This will be achieved by asking friends or family to select the book that I will read. I can also select books that I would not usually read. This will help me because I will get a better reading age because in reading probes there are a range of genres.

My smart reading goal for term 2 was to read a variety of genres.

I did not achieve this goal. I did still read one book out of my comfort zone but that is not enough. I still do read before bed but it is only sport books. I did not achieve this because I did not get out of my way to challenge myself.

Writing Goal

My writing goal for term 3 is so that sentences are mostly controlled and have extended phrases and/or clauses this means there will be more detailed. This will be achieved by creating a basic mind map and write down specific detail before writing.

I chose to have a reading goal instead of a writing goal last term.

Fitness Goals.

My fitness goal for this term is to get a 9.1 in the beep test. This will happen by practicing down at nairnville park at least twice a week. When I practice I will mainly practice sprinting and sometimes endurance.

My goal in term 2 was to get a nine point five in the beep test. I did not achieve this because I set the goal to high and I have not trained enough to met the goal. After not getting 9.5 I am deter mined to achieve this goal.