Teaching Cultural Responsiveness

in and out of the classroom

Advocating for social change is the responsibility of all citizens, especially educators. It might sound like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Not sure where to begin? Check out some of the factors below that impact student outcomes and what you can do to help lessen their impact on our students.

Policy Factors

Participate. Exercise your civic rights and show support for those who respect cultural differences.

Advocate. Issues related to education, health care, immigration, taxes and civil rights all impact student outcomes. Make your voice heard!

Community Factors

Volunteer. Consider giving some of your spare time to organizations and agencies aimed at addressing poverty - right here in your neighborhood.

Vote. Support candidates who show respect for cultural differences.

School Factors

Inform. Let local decision makers know how important it is to increase educational resources for all students - especially those with diverse backgrounds.

Serve. Put your passion to work by volunteering for committees which support cultural responsiveness.