What Can You Do With Google?

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Google: Is There Anything It Can't Do?

Google is a fantastic tool for educators. As with many technological advances, most people only utilize a fraction of its capabilities. Here is a list of resources for your perusal highlighting some of the many possibilities of Google.

100 Google Tips and Tricks for Teachers

This article has great tips on how you can get the most out of Google. Need to get around a blocked site? Try cache:Website address. It works! Use Google Scholar to yield search results of scholarly literature. Use Google Full Text to search the 10,000 full text books they have online. Find these and many other tips here.

Google Search Education

Still overwhelmed by how to guide students in their use of the internet? Wish there was a way to find online tutorials and lessons? Try Google Search Education. It offers lesson plans and activities, power searching, google challenges, and live trainings.

Need To Get Organized?

Try these tips for using Google Calendars to get yourself on track with planning.

Want To Create An Interactive Lesson?

Use Google Moderator to help you gather feedback from your audience in real time.

Want To Easily Start A Digital Storytelling Project?

Try Google Story Builder. Remember, while Google isn't always the prettiest option, our students all have logons with their student ID's. The ease of implementation can negate the fact that it isn't always the most aesthetically pleasing tool.

Still Need Help?

Email me dhartman@bcit.cc or call extension 294 for a 1-1 lesson on how Google can help you in the classroom.