Shang Dynasty

(ancient China)

introduction to the Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty was the first true Dynasty in ancient China. It started 1700-1100 B.C. depending on the source though it could be different They lived on the Yellow River in the valley of northern China. They were the first people to use bronze and jade for almost everything in their lives.


The Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty, also known as the Yin Dynasty, is believed by many to be the first dynasty in China. Their civilization is located in China it is in the west from the Qin and north from the Yan Dynasty.

A government leaded their civilization that they got to success. They grew rice wheat and took very good care of their animals to be able to eat and that is how they got to success.

China is located in the Shang Dynasty since the Shang Dynasty is very old they decided to build a new country once they had build a new country they decided to call it China.

The Shang Dynasty was very lucky because they got to have animals, which gave food and some gave milk. The land was amazing because the wheat grow fast and other plant, which was able to also give food to the people.



Shang Dynasty


The Shang Dynasty was the first civilization in Ancient China. They were a very advanced group of people. Their calendar had 360 days, 12 months, and 30 days in each. Much like the calendar we use today. The crafters of the Shang used bronze plates and oracle bones to write on. Turtle shells were used only for cerimonial inscriptions, holidays, or funerals. The Shang found that bronze was very effective. Although the first bronze work was very simple, later it became very complex and advanced. Eventually, they used bronze for talismans, plates, utensils, and other ornaments.

Ginger was a commonly grown spice, used in meals to disguise the scent of overripe meat. Wheat, beans, and rice flour, also commonly grown in the fields, were used to make noodles.

The way society worked in the time of the Shang Dynasty was, if you were a man, you got educated. If you were a woman, you usually weren't. If you had access to jade, you would most likely be rich. The women would work in the fields harvesting and tending to the the plants, while the men, were teaching, commanding troops, or preeching. Farms were very important during the Shang Dynasty. They domesticated sheep and cattle for meat, clothing, and cows for plow pulling.

Some people say that the Shang were polytheistic, and others say they were monotheistic, and worship “Shang Ti” meaning “lord on high.” It is said that the Shang Dynasty lasted from the mid-18th to the mid-16th century B.C.E.

Obviously, there is still some we do not know about the Shang, but mysteries are a part of life.


However you think the Shang dynasty started, if from the people living on the Yellow River or if they arrived on chariots from the western part of Asia. One thing that was clear was that the Bronze Age had taken over the long ago culture in the northern part of China, then to make its own. Evidence has been found that Emperor Tang started the Shang dynasty. Many think that the history of China goes all the way back to the 4700 years. But proof of the age of the five rulers has not been found. What they have found is that the Shang was the first real dynasty at 1700-1100 B.C. Also they have found that the Xia dynasty was there at 2200-1700 B.C. after the Shang. The Shang made one of the first calendars of 360-days with 12 months and 30 days each almost exactly like ours. The Shang were good with bone, jade, ceramics, stone, wood, shells and bronze. Chinese writing began about the same time as the Shang.


The people of the Shang dynasty had many fascinating artifacts. All of witch of importance to the people. But the one that blows my mind is the thousand of clay solders guarding the fist emperors (Shang’s) tomb. The Shang dynasty had amazing pottery that is very hard to duplicate. the wonder is why did they make all those clay soldiers? They also revive credit for the great wall of china but no one can tell quite when it was made. Some more artifacts that they made are; a miniature dragon made of solid jade and various works of pottery.

The legacy of this civilization is that they left behind all those clay soldiers and the great wall of china and there works of pottery and art. the shang dynasty also had many other amazing artifacts that are very difficult to copy even with modern day technology. The people in the shang dynasty were one of a kind potters!!!

The evidence this civilization impacted our lives today is that some people still wonder about the warriors and why they are there. Also the shang dynasty was one of the first to use gunpowder and without that it would be hard to invade without that also moves and video games have lots of guns.

There are no legend that I know of but I do know one about shang himself. It goes like this: Shang was hunting the secret to eternal life at the ''magical'' islands off the coast. He came upon the water when he saw huge fish(probably whales) that were jumping out of the sea to stop his path.. he shot one with his crossbow. Getting the hang of it he shot 2 more. By then it was time to rest for the night. He later died in his sleep on the trip back meals were delivered to him when they got back it was good timing because the body began to stink!!

they kept his death a secret until the returned to the capital to announce it. 1 year larer the empire was broken up.