SHS Counseling Newsletter

January 2016

School Counseling Focus of the Month

The focus of this month will be on testing skills. Even though many students get stressed out about taking final exams and other standardized tests, it is a necessity. A wealth of evidence exists to show that when students prepare appropriately for tests and apply coping skills to deal with the anxiety, they do much better. That is where we come in! Students will have an opportunity to participate in classroom sessions focusing on test study tips and testing stress reduction tips. SHS's therapy dog, Chloe, will also be available for student support. Students in junior advisory will have a Friday activity where they learn both the importance of doing their best on the ACT and some tips on scoring better on it.

Character Education Trait of the Month

Theodore Roosevlet is quoted as having said, "With self-discipline most anything is possible." Self-discipline is the character trait for January. Self-discipline can be defined as the control, discipline and power one has over their actions. It comes as no surprise that students who exhibit self-discipline are more successful both academically and social/emotionally. The nomination for students who display this character education trait will be on Monday, January 11th by 3:00 p.m. We are looking for lots of nominations!

Senior Spotlight

At this point seniors are receiving letters of acceptance and letters on non-acceptance. Our senior seminars, during lunches this Tuesday, the 5th, will be about falling in love with second choice colleges. The counselors will also go over important reminders and be available to answer any questions. Parents are always encouraged to attend senior seminars, and they can bring a lunch to share with their student. In between the two seminars, the counselors are available to help parents and students with their needs.

Parent Information

Several opportunities are available to students, and you can make sure you don't miss any by following the school counselors in Remind text messages and social media. For specific details on this, click on the link for school counselors on the school's website. You can also find scholarship links updated monthly, our monthly public calendar and resources there.