Patrick Carman

Earn a chance to hear Patrick Carman at his upcoming visit!

How to participate:

  1. Visit Patrick Carman's site and answer the questions that follow.
  2. Record your answers on a note card with your first and last name and class period.
  3. Return to me NO LATER THAN Tuesday, Feb. 18 when you come to class.

*You are on the honor system. Do your own work!

Start Searching!

1. What are two hobbies Patrick Carman enjoys?

2. Name two jobs he's held.

3. Patrick Carman supports different organizations. Name one.

4. Which of his books won the Parents Choice Award?

5. What is "transmedia" and what books use this format?

6. When did Patrick Carman start writing books? What was his first book?

7. What does he need to work?

8. Who are some of Patrick Carman's favorite authors?

*REMEMBER: your responses are due to me NO LATER THAN Tues., Feb. 18.