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St. Maria Goretti Catholic School November 1, 2020

Mission Statement

St. Maria Goretti is a living testament to our Lord's work in His youngest disciples, exemplified by academic excellence, spiritual formation, and compassionate service to others.

St. Maria Goretti Catholic School aims to form what is True, Good, and Beautiful in the souls of our young disciples of Christ.

Principal's Message

Dear St. Maria Goretti Catholic School Families,

Happy Sunday and Happy All Saints Day!

We had such an incredible week last week! We celebrated All Saints Day last Wednesday, and though the weather did not cooperate for us to have our Procession of Saints & Angels outdoors, we did process through the halls and into the church to celebrate Mass together. Be sure to check out the photos of the many ways our students prepared for, learned about, and celebrate All Saints Day, as well a short video of the procession further down in this newsletter.

Our fabulous National Junior Honor Society students hosted a Pumpkin Decorating Contest, raising $72 for the SMG Padre Pio House. Thank you to all who participated by decorating a pumpkin and congratulations to the winners in each category! See below for details.

Friday was an especially fun, memorable, but busy day! The 8th Grade class participated in an on-campus retreat carefully organized by Mrs. Pennell. Their day began with Mass, Adoration, a virtual Nolan Shadow Day, pizza lunch outside, crafts, and a visit and talk from Fr. Maurice Moon, Chaplain at Nolan Catholic High School. It was a great opportunity for these students to come together to deep their relationships with each other and grow in their Catholic faith.

The SMGCS Home & School Association surprised faculty & staff with some sweet treats on Friday, and then helped to host our First Annual Trunk or Treat event for our students. What an awesome turnout for this event! Parents, I can not thank you enough for making this event such a success and so much fun for our students. We have been trying to find ways to create some exciting and memorable events for our students, especially as we have been somewhat limited due to the pandemic. Whether you donated candy, decorated your trunk and handed out candy, or were with us in spirit, Thank You, Thank You for making this such a great day for our students. It truly was memorable and the weather-incredible! There are lots of pictures below.

We are excited to announce that Texas 4-H is coming to SMGCS!! Nolan Catholic High School has teamed up with Texas 4-H and the Tarrant County Extension Program to create a sort of "mega-club" for the whole diocese, with each of the diocesan schools that are in Tarrant County eligible to register. More information about the SMGCS 4-H Club, including how to register your student(s), will be emailed to all families this week.

Upcoming Events: Please see below in this newsletter for details on the following:

  • Veterans Day video-This year, we are creating a video honoring our veterans on Veterans Day. Please scan and email photos of family members who are veterans or are currently serving our country in the military. The video will be shared with the SMGCS & parish community.
  • Faith Family Assembly & the Box of Joy service project-Monday, November 9th. Please help us make a difference to less fortunate boys and girls by donating needed items.
  • Turkey Bingo-Friday, November 13th. We are hosting an all-school Turkey Bingo to support updating the sign in the cafetorium with our new school logo. Click on the link in the ad below to learn more and to purchase bingo cards for your students.

Among the many important and meaningful traditions in the Catholic Church is the observation of All Souls Day tomorrow, November 2nd. We invite you to join us in prayer during the month of November in gratitude for the memories we hold in our hearts of our dearly departed and the relationships we will forever treasure. All school families should have received in the mail last week a letter from me, inviting you to send the names of loved ones who have died. We will enter those names in the Book of Remembrance and will be praying for those souls and all souls especially during the month of November.

Have a great week ahead and may God continue to bless you and your families.

St. Maria Goretti, Pray for Us!


Laura Behee, M.Ed.


NOVEMBER VIRTUE: Courtesy: Being thoughtful of others

When we practice courtesy, we honor and defer to others out of respect for the dignity of every person as a child of God. Good manners without kindness of heart is not courtesy. Courtesy means being thoughtful of others, because Jesus told us that whatever we do to them we do to Him.

Saint Martin de Porres: Feast Day - November 3

Saint Martin de Porres’ father almost never came to see him. When Martin was old enough, his father had him trained to be a doctor. Martin became a doctor and a Dominican friar who was very thoughtful of people who were sick. He insisted on doing all the lowliest jobs for them. Sometimes, he brought poor sick people home and put them to sleep in his own bed!

Venerable Solanus Casey

Born in Wisconsin, Venerable Solanus Casey began to study for the priesthood when he was 21 years old. He became a Capuchin friar, and was known as “The doorkeeper” because of the 20 years he served as porter at Saint Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit, Michigan. He was always ready to meet people and listen to their needs at any hour of the day or night. He treated each visitor, whether rich or poor, as he would have treated Christ.

Venerable Pierre Toussaint: Feast Day - June 30

Pierre Toussaint was born as a slave on the plantation of John Berard in Haiti. Berard noticed that Pierre’s grandmother had taught him to read, and that he was a bright child, so he assigned Pierre to be a slave in the house rather than in the fields. He opened his library to the boy, encouraged him to study, and treated him as one of the family.

During a period of dangerous political unrest in Haiti, the family moved to New York City. The house in New York was so much smaller than the plantation house in Haiti that there was not much for a slave to do. Jon Berard’s young wife suggested that Pierre could be an apprentice to her hairdresser spending his time to learn a trade. Meanwhile, John returned to Haiti to check on his property and possessions and found them all destroyed. He died while he was there, making his young bride a young widow, stranded in a foreign country, without any income.

Pierre Toussaint found that the wealthiest ladies appreciated his talent for hair-styling, and he began to make a good profit. Before long, he had enough money to buy freedom for himself and for his sister, Rosalie. Pierre purchased his sister’s freedom, but sacrificed his own: he felt so indebted to the Berard family for the kindness they had shown him, that he could not leave the poor young widow defenseless and without means, he knew that it would destroy her dignity to accept gifts of money from him, so he opted instead to remain her slave. As a slave, he asked to take on the responsibilities of running the household, and his mistress agreed. No one from the outside would have guessed the truth that he was not only managing the house, but funding it himself.

On her death bed, Madame Berard freed Pierre from his slavery, but in truth it was only a formality. He would have been wealthy had he not funded her household and given the rest of his money to poor people in the city. And his status as a talented hairdresser made him the confidante and counselor of many of the most influential ladies in New York city

After being freed., Pierre continued attending daily Mass and helping the poor. He married Juliette Noel and together they opened a home and school for orphans. They helped many slaves afford freedom, helped poor widows find jobs, and made secret contributions to aristocratic widows to preserve their dignity.

When Venerable Pierre Toussaint died at the age of 87, his funeral was packed with crowds of people from all classes and races who had called him a friend. Although divided by many social customs of the time, they all agreed that Pierre Toussaint was a true gentleman, a true Christian, and a saint. Today you can venerate his relics at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City where he is buried among bishops and cardinals.

Submit Your Photos of Veterans

In preparation for Veterans Day, we are asking you to send in photos of your family members who have served or are currently serving our country in the military. We will be incorporating the photos into our Veterans Day video, which we will be sharing with the SMGCS and parish community.

Please scan your photos and email them in jpeg form to Mrs. Utendorf at by Wednesday, November 4, 2020!

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Turkey Bingo: Friday, November 13th

All students, faculty, & staff are invited to participate in our All-School Turkey Bingo on Friday, November 13th! All proceeds will go toward updating the metal sign in the cafetorium with our new school logo. Parents, please click on the link below to register your students to participate! Bingo cards will be conveniently charged to your school FACTs account. Please contact Laura Perez ( with any questions.

Box of Joy Service Project: Donations of Items Needed!

On Monday, November 9th, we will have our Faith Families (virtual) Assembly. The focus this month will be the virtue of Courtesy, and students will participate in a service project called, Box of Joy, where they will create boxes of items that will be sent overseas to children who are less fortunate, in time for Christmas. Please see the link below for a list of needed items. Each class will create one box for a girl and one for a boy. The school will cover the $9 per box shipping cost. Please send in items for your student's class boxes by Monday, November 9th! Thank you!!


Volunteer Hour Policy-

We will be continuing with our SPIRIT Hour policy from last year. In the absence of Kountry Karnival, we will be working to find other ways that families can earn hours. Opportunities will be communicated via emailed SPIRIT Updates, the Trojan Times, and on our website.

All SMG families must complete 40 hours (20 hours by December 18, 2020, and 20 hours by May 14, 2021).

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Water Donations- The school will have an ongoing need for water bottles this year. Having plenty on hand allows us to provide water to students when they run out or forget their own. Please consider donating a case or two whenever you can throughout the year. Drop off can be done at the front desk anytime between 7:30AM and 3:30 PM. One SPIRIT Hour will be provided per 48 water bottles donated. Please fill out the sheet at the front desk to receive credit for your donation.

SMG School Club Opportunities

Private School Interscholastic Association (PSIA)

We are happy to be once again be able to welcome 2nd -8th Grade students to participate on the SMGCS Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) Academic Team this year. Due to COVID precautions, this year may look different than years past. However, our hope is that, with your help, the students who wish to participate in the program and in the spring competition will have the opportunity to represent our school.

This year, students will have the opportunity to participate in the following academic competitions:

  • Maps, Graphs, & Charts (Students in Grades 4 – 8): tests the contestant’s ability to locate and interpret information in an atlas or data provided in the test itself in the form of maps, graphs, charts, tables, etc. Students are expected to be able to use the map’s legend to garner information of importance, including finding distances on the map, locating specific places, structures, and boundaries, and identifying locations of significance.
  • Mathematics (Students in Grades 2 – 8): tests the contestant’s ability to solve a variety of mathematical problems studied at and above grade level.
  • On-Site Drawing (Students in Grades 6 – 8 ONLY): Observing a still-life display consisting of from 4 to 7 objects, contestants produce a rendering on regular drawing paper using any drawing media.
  • Ready Writing (Students in Grades 3 – 8): Ready Writing is usually writing that explains, or expository writing. It can include narration and persuasion. Contestants come to the contest “ready” to write on their choice of one of two prompts given.
  • Spelling (Students in Grades 2 – 8): Contestants learn by memory to write or print the spelling words found on the current year’s PSIA Spelling List.


Students who are interested and qualify to participate in the program this year will work with an academic coach on the chosen topic/event for approximately 45 minutes after school every other week leading up to the District and State competition. While any 2 – 8 Grade student is welcome to participate in the program, participation does not automatically qualify students to compete in the spring. Only a limited number of students from each grade can be entered to compete at the district level in each event in the spring. Coaching sessions are not tutoring sessions and only students who are serious about preparing or competing will be permitted to participate in the coaching sessions and competition meets. Students who are accepted to participate in the program but who do not demonstrate their dedication to the program during coaching sessions, may be asked to withdraw from the program.

For our Distance Learning students who wish to participate, study materials will be sent electronically allowing for self-study from home.

We have several teachers who have committed to serving as academic coaches, working with students who are selected to participate in the program. We would welcome other parent volunteers who wish to become involved in the PSIA program.

If you are interested in having your student become involved in the PSIA program, please complete the Google Form by clicking the link below. The deadline to register has been extended to Friday, November 6, 2020. PSIA Registration Form 2020.

For more information about the Private School Interscholastic Association, please visit

SMG Clubs - Mark Your Calendars!


· 3:30-4:15PM 3rd-5th PSIA Ready Writing (Cruz) Begins Nov. 2

  • Nov. 2, 16, 30, Dec. 14, Jan 11, 25, Feb. 8, 22, March 8, 22, alternating Mondays

· 3:30-4:30PM 5th-8th Drama Club (Richards)

· 3:30-4:15PM 4th-8th PSIA Maps, Graphs and Charts (Daly) Begins 10/26

  • Oct. 26, Nov. 2, 9, 16, 30, Dec. 7, Jan 11, 25, Feb 1, 8

· 3:30-4:15PM 6th-8th PSIA On-Site Drawing (Jamison) Begins Nov. 9 (Please note change from Wednesday to Monday)


-Rubik’s Cube Club (Utendorf)

  • 12:09-12:39PM in Library: 6th-8th
  • 12:29-12:49PM in Library: 4th–5th
  • Google Meets Available for Distance Learners
-Ballet Folklorico (Zavala)
  • 6:00-7:00PM SMG Cafetorium, Begins 10/20


· 3:30-4:30PM 5th-8th Garden Club (Pick) Begins Oct. 21

· 3:30-4:15PM 6th-8th PSIA Ready Writing (Juergens) Begins Oct. 28

· 3:30-4:15PM 4th-5th PSIA Math (Schump) Begins 10-28

· 3:30-4:15PM Running Club (weather permitting) (Gutierrez/Salomao)

  • Nov. 4, 18, Dec. 2, 16, Feb. 3, 17, Mar. 10, 24, April 14, 28, May 12

· 3:30-5:00PM Cheer Club (Paladini)


· 3:30-4:15PM 3rd-8th Cecilian Singers Club (Richards)

· 3:30-4:15PM 2nd-8th PSIA Spelling (Vasquez)

  • bi weekly: Oct 22, Nov. 5, 19, Dec. 3, 17

· 3:30-4:15PM 2nd PSIA Math (Gutierrez)

  • Oct. 29, Nov. 12, Dec. 3, Jan. 14, 28, Feb. 11 alternating Thursdays Begins Oct. 29

· 3:30-4:15PM 3rd PSIA Math (Gutierrez)

  • Nov. 5, 19, Dec. 10, Jan 21, Feb. 4, 11 alternating Thursdays Begins Nov. 5

· 3:30-4:15PM 4th-8th Chess Club (Nguyen) Begins Nov. 5

· 3:30-4:15PM 6th-8th PSIA Math (Utendorf) Begins Oct. 29

  • Oct. 29, Nov. 12, 19, Dec. 3, 10, Jan. 14, 28, Feb. 11

Ballet Folklorico Meets Tuesday Evenings

Mrs. Zavala sponsors the Ballet Folklorico Club which meets each Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM in the SMG cafetorium. It is open to students in second through eighth grade. Folklórico refers to many traditional dances from Mexico's different regions and states, rather than one single style. Folklórico is most famous for its promotion of regional dance and incorporation of traditional Mexican dress and Mexican folk music into its routines. The women wear a ranchero designed dress with unmistakable Indian influenced bright colored ribbons. Contact Mrs. Zavala ( to join Ballet Folklorico and learn the many regional folk dances of Mexico.

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4th-8th Chess Club Begins November 5th

Sign up now for the SMG Chess Club. Class size is limited to a total of 12 students in-person, with a maximum of 2 students each for grades 4th-6th and 3 students each for grades 7th-8th. There are unlimited spots for the online meet using Google Meets and Sign up ends on November 5th. Sign up at

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Garden Club - 5th - 8th Grade

The SMG Gardening Club will meet on Wednesdays after school, beginning on October 21st!. All 5th - 8th Grade students welcome to participate, but space will initially be limited to 20 students. Please complete and return the permission slip (link below) to register, and contact Mrs. Pick ( for with questions or for more information.

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SMG Run Club!

The SMG Run Club will meet approximately twice a month on Wednesdays after school beginning Wednesday, November 4th! Please visit the links below for more information and to register!



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Rubik's Cube Club - Come Join the Fun During Recess

Join Tuesday's Rubik Cube Club meeting in the SMG Library or via Google Meets.

  • 4th-5th grade: 12:29-12:49
  • 6th-8th grade: 12:09-12:29

Solve the Rubik Cube and work to make a Rubik mosaic.

Email Mrs. Utendorf at

Miscellaneous Information

NEW: Lunch Orders Must be Placed Sunday for the Entire Week

Lunch orders must be placed for the entire week (Monday through Friday) by Sunday at 3:00pm. We cannot accept orders placed after the Sunday deadline.

We will continue to text families on Friday morning each week, which will allow parents/students to place lunch orders for the upcoming week. The link is also available on the school website and will continue in the weekly Trojan Times. The form has a link with the menu attached as well.

Click below for the order form:

Healthy Together App

By now, most have downloaded the free Healthy Together app (found in the App Store). Please continue to complete the app before arriving in carline and be ready to show the completed screening to a faculty/staff member on duty in carline each morning. Multiple students can conveniently be added to one app. Please call the front office if you have any questions about how to install the app.

Student Email Accounts and Google Classroom

All students, whether learning On-Campus or via Distance Learning, have school email accounts that they generally access during computer class, and will also need to access Google Classroom. Parents of students in Grades 4th - 8th who are attending classes On-Campus were sent information and instructions for their student(s) to access their email accounts, log-in to Google Classroom, and create a bookmark on their home devices. Students have also be given this information during computer class, as many 4th-8th Grade teachers provide feedback on assignments, etc. to students via Google Classroom. As well, being familiar with logging in to Google Classroom will be helpful should we ever need to move to distance learning during the school year. If you did not receive your student's log-in information or have questions, please contact Mrs. Daly (

As well, please check out the following tutorial for detailed instructions on signing into Google Classroom.

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

Please click on the following link to view the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar. It can also be found on the school website at

COVID-19: Safety Procedures and Protocols

Please see the SMG Safe Return to School plan that was sent to all school families last week, by clicking the following link.

Box Tops - Earn Money for SMG!

Box Tops makes it easy for families to earn cash for schools and help teachers get the supplies they need. Traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production, but may continue to be found on many products throughout the store. Although you may still clip coupons, there is a NEW and EASY method:

  • Create a Box Tops for Education account via the Box Tops app or website - View the video: How it Works, Join For Free
  • Buy Box Top Products
  • Use your app to scan the store receipt within 14 days of purchase -View the video: How to Scan

2020-2021 Enrollment & Registration

Registration & Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year can be found on our school website. There are still spots available at most grade-levels. As a reminder, tuition assistance is available and we are committed to making a Catholic education a reality for any family who wishes one for their child(ren). Please contact Mrs. Behee (lbehee@smgschool) or our Registrar, Mrs. de la Pena ( with any questions or concerns.

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Nolan Catholic High School: 6th-8th Grade Family Information

Nolan Catholic is excited to announce that the application process for the 2021-2022 school year has already begun. Our goal is to continue to allow for as many admissions opportunities as possible for our prospective families to learn more about Nolan Catholic High School.

As a quick highlight, the admissions department is offering informational sessions, one-on-one meetings, virtual or on-campus tours, and an open house this fall.

For more information, visit

Last Week at SMG.....

Month of the Holy Rosary

As we concluded October and the month of the Holy Rosary, we came together in the church Tuesday to pray the rosary. This all-school Rosary was planned and organized by Mrs. Pennell with contributions from Mrs. Richards and some of our 7th/8th Grade students.

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All Saints Day: Procession of Saints and Angels

All Saints' Day is a solemn holy day of the Catholic Church celebrated annually on November 1. The day is dedicated to the saints of the Church, that is, all those who have attained heaven. It should not be confused with All Souls' Day, which is observed on November 2, and is dedicated to those who have died and not yet reached heaven.

PreK and Kindergarten students dressed as angels. First through fourth grade dressed as their favorite Saint. They processed through the halls of SMG school and into the church for Mass. Father Mike asked the angels in heaven with God to pray for us and reminded students that the Saints surround us daily to offer guidance.

For a glimpse of the day's celebration, please enjoy this short video:

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Distance Learning Saints

Kyleigh (Saint Elizabeth of Hungary) and Sophia (The Blessed Virgin Mary) participated from home while distance learning.

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All Saints Day: Soda Bottle Saints

Students in 5th and 6th grade have been researching a saint of their choosing. They wrote biographies and created soda-bottle saints, which are on display in the cafetorium for students to view.

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All Saints Day: Saints Museum

Our 7th and 8th grade students have spent much of October learning about their chosen saint. Through researching the saint's life, creating a tri-fold tribute and a gilded icon, writing a hymn or litany in honor of that saint, and performing a costumed narrative as the saint, students have grown closer to their saint and the Church Triumphant. We look forward to sharing recordings of our forty-four saints' lives for you to view throughout the month of November.

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Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Thanks to all those who entered the Halloween Pumpkin Contest Sponsored by NJHS. Your participation helped raise $72 for the Padre Pio House. Congratulations to our winners:


  • First Place Winner: Lance Kemp
  • Cutest: William Hewitt
  • Scariest: Mason Lester
  • Most Decorated: Mary Lester


  • First Place Winner: Isa Medrano
  • Cutest: Brian Mawengkang
  • Scariest: Catherine Knowles and Bill Dinh
  • Most Decorated: Maria Jaramillo Davila
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8th Grade On-Campus Retreat

Eighth Grade students participated in an on-campus retreat that began with Mass and included Adoration, a virtual Nolan Shadow Day, lunch, and other activities. At the end of the day, all students participated in a Trunk or Treat event organized by our fabulous Home and School Association.

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Trunk or Treat

To celebrate Halloween this year, the Home and School Association hosted an SMG Trunk or Treat! Students had the opportunity to safely move from car to car collecting treats.

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Magnificent Masks

Thanks to Mrs. Paladini for capturing these magnificent masks worn by SMG students as we social distance and stop the spread of germs.

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....and Socks!!

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PreK: I See a Goat

Pre-K students are learning to write complete sentences beginning with a capital letter and ending with punctuation.

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PreK: A Fun Week of Halloween Activities!

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Kindergarten: Word Family Turkeys

Mrs. Bara's Kindergarten class made word family turkeys by adding a beginning consonant to the ending sound. This is excellent practice for kids learning to read and write and helps children learn to listen for and recognize similar sounds in words.

Kindergarten: Beginning Word Sounds and ABC Order

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Kindergarten Playing Chutes and Ladders During Math

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Fourth Grade: Prepositions

Fourth grade students cut out and placed a scarecrow, a pumpkin, and two leaves on their paper. Then, they composed sentences using the appropriate prepositions to describe the picture they created.

Fifth Grade: Literary Themed Amusement Park

Congratulations! You've been hired by Literacy Inc. to create an amusement park based on your recent reading of the story/novel The Matchlock Gun. You will create a map of your amusement park and make it appealing for all ages.

The Matchlock Gun is a novel published in 1941, which takes place in Guilderland, New York in 1757. The Van Alstyne family, who are the characters of the story, were real people, and the events of this book, which occur during an Indian raid of their home, really happened. The Matchlock Gun tells of the night when young Edward Van Alstyne is left alone in the house with nothing but an old Spanish gun to defend himself. Will Edward have the courage and strength to fire the gun if needed? And if he does so, what will be the end result?

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Fifth Grade: Character Instagram Page

After reading the novel, A Girl of the Limberlost, students were asked to create a fictitious Instagram account for one character from the book.

Elnora Comstock grows up on the banks of Limberlost Swamp in Indiana with her bitter mother, Katharine. Unable to afford an education, Elnora develops a plan to sell artifacts and moths from the swamp. “A Girl of the Limberlost” has been considered a classic since its publication in 1909, inspiring several film adaptations.

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Seventh Grade: Science

Seventh grade conducted a lab on the integumentary (skin) system. They learned that one purpose of our skin is a first line protection against pathogens (i.e. foreign bacteria and viruses). They demonstrated this understanding using food dye on undamaged apples. After puncturing the apple's skin, they applied more food dye to see the impact.

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Art Class: Third Grade Triptych Project

Third grade created their own Triptychs. A Triptych is a 3 panel paining or carving hinged together and based off the Dresden Triptych (or Virgin and Child with St. Michael and St. Catherine and a donor). SMG students created their own using their Saint as the centerpiece and symbols on the side that represent them.

Art Class: Sixth Grade All Saints Project

The All Saints pictures were created by 6th grade. The center saint is meant to represent themselves. It is a reminder that we are called to be saints or that we are all saints in training. The surrounding saints were saints of their choice. Each saint had a symbol or something that represents the saint.

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Calendar Notes

  • Monday, 11/2: · 3:30-4:30PM Drama Club, 3:30-4:15PM, PSIA Maps, Graphs and Charts
  • Tuesday, 11/3: Rubik's Club during lunch, 6:00-7:00PM Ballet Folklorico
  • Wednesday, 11/4: Veteran Photos Due, 9:30AM Households Mass; 3:30-4:15PM Running Club (weather permitting), 6th-8th PSIA Ready Writing, 4th-5th PSIA Math, 3:30-4:30PM Garden Club
  • Thursday, 11/5: 3:30-4:15PM Cecilian Singers Club, PSIA Spelling, 3rd PSIA Math, Chess Club
  • Monday, 11/9: Box of Joy Service Project Donations Due
  • Wednesday, 11/11: Veterans Day-Veterans Day video will be shared with SMG community
  • Friday, 11/13: Turkey Bingo; Early Dismissal at 12:10PM - No Lunch Service - Progress Reports Emailed to Parents
  • Wednesday, 11/18: 3:30-4:15PM Running Club (weather permitting)
  • Thursday, 11/19: Butter Braid Pick-Up at Saint Maria Center
  • Monday, 11/23-Friday, 11/27: Thanksgiving Holiday - No School
  • Friday, 12/18: 2nd Quarter Ends; 12:10PM Dismissal, No Lunch Service, No SMEED
  • Dec. 21-Jan. 4: Christmas Break - No School
  • Tuesday, 1/5: Classes resume

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