GT Learning Experiences This Week

GT learners have been busy connecting with one another to ensure a collaborative and supportive learning environment is enjoyed by all! The activity "Chain Reaction" was a great and informative way to find out how we are all connected! We also had fun learning new things about each other!
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Texas Performance Standards Project

GT learners also discovered the topic for their major research project. Students created charts to "Show What You Know" before we begin our research.

**Be sure to ask your child what their topic is for our TPSP. If they have difficulty remembering, see the pictures below for hints:)!

GT Information Form

If you didn't complete the Student Information form on the previous smores, please click the link below to complete that now:)! This will help us stay connected throughout the year! I only have about half of our kiddos, so THANK YOU for taking the time to do this:)!

GT Student Information

Roxanne Clark, GT Specialist