Im lookin for a Boa

So i can die in its grasp.... Marge Panthy

About your favorite panther

I'm a thin fit "cat" that loves elephants and gazelle restaurants. I have soft, shiny black fur and a large litter of cubs. Snakes have always been my favorite type of prey,... I mean lovers. I f you call the number below we can get to know each other much better

My daily life

I'm more of a stay at home mom looking after my kits. They are really sweet, gentle, and fun to be around. Except for the occasional fight between Luke and Sarah, (my two oldest). My brother is the hunter of the pack, He's a little more on the over protective side so when you meet him he might want to taste you....I mean talk to you hehe.

Pictures of your soon to be bae

Further more

The type of guys I look for

I love snacks.....I mean snakes to keep me company and give me love. Boa constrictors are like celebrity's where i live because they're so rare and juicy.... I mean cool. The best parts is their skin tone and and muscular build, sharp teeth and an extra strong grasp.