The New Olympics

ESL/ELL Advocacy Project

What is ESL Advocacy?

ESL/ELL Advocacy refers to YOU doing your part to make sure that every family and culture represented at our school is as involved as possible!

Why do I need to take part?

How can I help?

There are many ways to help a new family feel more involved. Think of how you got to know your school communities!

It's all fun and games...

Classroom discussion on cultural differences and the types of games/sports played in other countries will generate school-wide dialogue. PTA involvement will ensure parents get to pitch in their voices too!

An ambitious project that needs y-o-u!

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we need all the help we can get!


Stay involved! Never be afraid to reach out, either to the faculty or to other parents. Come to PTA meetings and suggest activities and new ways of advocating for our ESL/ELL population!