One Week Left in September

7 more days of our amazing sign-up special!

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7 more days of our amazing sign-up special!

Danville Sponsoring Event - Tonight!



If you want to join me tonight from 6:30-8:30 at my home to show your potential stylist our line, talk about the $450 special and answer questions for YOUR New Stylists to be, let's do it!

PLEASE reach out to warm up and invite your stylists to join you for a glass of wine, girl time, a preview of our collection and a FOCUS on BUILDING YOUR TEAM. Open only stylists bringing guests, so we can focus on helping you build your team.

Please let me know if you plan to attend so I have plenty of wine, marketing material and know how many to expect. Leaders please feel free to join me or send your team over with their potential stylists. You must RSVP for this event by WED at 4pm at

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7 more days to help you promote to Associate Stylist and beyond!

So let's make the most of the next week! Here are some steps to take, and tips on what to do to help you grow your team and share this amazing opportunity with as many deserving women as you can!

1. Start by brainstorming a NEW list of people you'd like to reach out to about the Stylist opportunity. These could be past hostesses, upcoming hostesses, friends from high school, Facebook friends, a neighbor, a customer you met at a trunk show last month. This is what you are looking for...

  • Anyone that you think would be great at what you do, and would love Stella & Dot.
  • Anyone that gets part-time holiday jobs - this is a much better scenario than working at the mall!
  • Ladies who are newly retired, recent empty nesters, moms with kids in school...
  • Ladies who work full-time, part-time, with kids, without kids...

Get the picture? It could be anyone! Don't prejudge and assume that they wouldn't be interested because you know they are busy! Look at the leaders in our company. Many of them began their Stella & Dot career on top of a very busy and full life. They worked it in and made it a priority because they are smart and savvy women who had the goal to build this business. Isn't that actually who you would love to sponsor? So reach out to your dream team because you just never know.

2. Reach out! Warm them up with an email or Facebook message. Keep it brief, compliment them and tell them why you think they would be great. Here's an example of a warm-up email:

"Hi Lauren!

I was just thinking about you today and just had to reach out to you. You may think that I am completely nuts for suggesting this but I am going to do it anyway. I think you would an amazing Stella & Dot stylist because you are so stylish, you love the collection, and you just have that little something extra about you that stands out! It's been so great for me, I thought it could be good for you too, so humor me for just a minute ;)

Just imagine this doing a trunk show a week from now till Christmas. If you did this, you could earn over $1000 in free jewelry and approximately $3,000 in commission. What would you do with that extra money? Take a great vacay this Spring? Pay for cash Christmas plus a little extra? And of course, you can always adjust to the level that feels right for you! But for certain, you could take this on as a part-time holiday job, earn a high $$ per hour, and continue into the new year only if you want to. Would certainly be worth it and after a few shows, you'll know if you'd like to pursue it further. After all, your friends are going to be shopping Stella & Dot this season anyway, they might as well be buying it from you!

We have a sign-up special this month, you get $450 in free jewelry (instead of $350) for your $199 start up investment. I suspect it will be our last sign-up special for the year. I would love to help you explore it!

Who knows? It could be just what you need. There's never any pressure at all. If it's not for you, that's ok! I love having you as a customer, friend and hostess. Please just take it as a compliment that I think you are amazing and I would absolutely love to have you on my team.

I'll give you a call just to follow up, see what you think. :)))

(You could also shorten this and send a more brief version through a Facebook message as a warm-up.)

3. Call to follow up! Nothing works if you don't do this step so be bold and just call. They will not think you are weird! They actually expect you to call because you said you would. If they are not interested, they will still be flattered that you thought of them. If you met them at a trunk show last night, you are going to START at this step here! Here is how that may sound:

4. Send them the latest webinar invitation or recording (see training calls calendar to get the info and links or pull a recording from the archived calls at the bottom of the page under Opportunity webinars)

5. Call them again to follow up! I absolutely LOVE Danielle's words to say in her Seal the Deal on Sponsoring call. This has made me so much more confident in my follow up calls! And, can help you turn a NO into a booking!

If you do this 10 times, you WILL sponsor! And it could be someone that totally surprises you. So be bold, do it and see what you do! Here's a couple of opportunity you could invite them to next week if you are local.

I am happy to help you brainstorm your list, walk through specific ideas of conversations, strategies, anything that can help you! Just reach out and let's work on it together!

The Next Big Thing is you!

Announcing the ASSOCIATE STYLIST Incentive!

This September it is all about Associate Stylist! This very attainable new career rank, is YOU and a friend doing a couple trunk shows. This is not about deciding you are going to build a massive empire, it's about having a bestie/sister/neighbor that can help you hold yourself accountable. Jessica used the analogy of the "running buddy".

Earn this cute tee when you promote to Associate Stylist in September. ANY stylist who wants can do this within a month! I promise! You'll earn increased commissions and 1000 Glam Points, how great is that?

What's an Associate Stylist?

Introducing a new level between Lead Stylist and Senior Stylist! What we love about Associate Stylist is that it's a level geared toward the casual hobbyist, and she can get there as quickly as during her Jumpstart! To earn as an Associate Stylist, you need 1,200 PQV, 1 Qualified Leg and 3,000 GQV (remember QV is equivalent to $1 USD retail)

Basically, an Associate Stylist is doing ~2 Trunk Shows per month and she's brought a friend along who is doing the same - simple as that!

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Shaina Haller

Star Director & Founding Stylist

Stella & Dot