Nuku pu'u

Critically Endangered/ Possibly Extinct: Native to U.S


- the male nuku pu‘u is bright yellow with a yellow-green or grayish-green back, and a white or yellow belly

- the female is smaller and duller

- Nuku pu‘u have short tails, black bills and legs, and a black streak that extends from their eyes to their bill

Hawaiian Honeycreepers:

There are grouping of three subspecies of Hawaiian honeycreepers and each endemic to a single island on Hawaii and probably extinct


Habitat alteration, disease, and introduced species being probable threats.


- Federally listed as Endangered in 1967
- restoration and preservation efforts in historically used habitats keep open the possibility that the species could persist

- the Endangered Species act was too late to prevent the extinction of the Nuku pu'u but it still protects and provides resources for other species


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