An analysis of Spanish written media!


This part of my ISU will be focused on the written media of my country. The facts that I am an exchange student and that my host family does not usually buy the newspaper, are the causes of why I do not read a lot of newspapers in Canada, so I cannot really comment about something that I do not know, but even in Spain I usually do not read a lot of newspapers. When I want to know about something, I usually look it up on on-line newspapers or even in my Twitter and Facebook feed, because I find the things quicker and in the meantime I see really interesting stuff.


I chose this newspaper because is one of the most famous newspapers that covers the news in all Spain. It is not a local newspaper in which the news are just focused in a determined area, this one talks about the most important news and events that are taking place in Spain and sometimes even about the really important events in other countries.

This newspaper is read by a large amount of people in Spain I personally don´t read it too often but is the one that I have read the most in terms of country-level newspapers. I like it because it is varied, it does not focus in just one type of news, it has a lot of content. As it is pretty old, the people trust on the news it publishes.


I have selected this newspaper because it is the most famous one in my city, León. It is a traditional newspaper that everybody knows there. My parents buy it almost everyday so I read it when I see it. I really like it because it provides me really important information of my city and I know that it is trustful, because so far, it has never had any outrage due to fake information.

Also, it has a little amount of ads, that helps me to don't distract my reading. As it is a local newspaper, it is made by people living in León, so I know some people that work on it, for example, the painter of the comic stuff in the entertainment part. The fact that that I know people working on also promotes me to read it, because then I can comment it with them.