Fashion Back Then

Fashion back in the 80's and more

1990,s fashions

In Europd North America hip hop fashion mainstream in 1995 with oversized basketball jackets,baggy jeans,bomber jackets, Baja jackets,and tracksuits were popular among young men as casual wear.Throughout the1990's supermodels dominated the fashion industry.The topmodels of 19990's were Linda

Evangelistey,Cindy Crawford,Naomi Campbell,Eva Herizigova,Nadja Aurmann,Christie Brinkley,Christy Turlington,Kate Moss,Carla Bruni,Tatiana Sorokko,Helena Christensen,Claudia Schiffer,Karen Mulder,Yasmin Lebon,Nade'ge,Yasmeen Ghauri,StephaniebSeymour,Carolyn Murphy,Amber Valetta,Shalom Harlow,and Tyra Banks.Pretty and gorgeouse,you think so .It's fashion,something that exsisted for as long as you can tell

For the majority of the decade,1990's fashion in Europe,Ocenia,Asla,and America was defined by a return to minimalist fashion contrasted to more elaborate and flashy trends of the 1980's,one notable shift in the western world was the mainstream adoption of tattoos, body piercings aside from ear piercing and to a lesser extent, other forms of body modification such as branding.

In the early 1990s,several late 1980s fashions remained very stylish among both sexes.However, the popularity of grunge and alternative rock music helped bring the simple,unkempt grunge look into the mainstream by 1994.

The anti-conformist approach to fashion lead on the popularisation of the casual chic look; this included t shirts,jeans,hoodies,trainors,a trend which continued, into the 2000s decade.Additionally, fashion trends throughout the decades, notable the 1950s,1960s,and 1970s

Due to increased avaibility of the internet and satellite television outside of the United States plus the reduction of import tariffs under NAFTA,fashion became more globalized and homogeneous in the late 1990s and early 2000s