By: Haley Sterud

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The Greek Goddess Athena
I chose Athena because she's smart. She's also independent and I like that about her. She had a lot of inventions and I have some ideas for inventions. She's also a dad's girl and so am I. She and I both are very thoughtful. I can relate to her in that we both like to win. There is a town named after her and there is a town called Haley ( even though it's not named after me). She is Zeus's favorite child and I like to think I'm my parents favorite child (no matter how much they deny it). Neither one of us gets along very well with our siblings. She helps people on quests and I like to help people.


She didn't have a mother. Her father was Zeus. She didn't have children or a spouse. She is a goddess.


  1. Her symbol was an owl
  2. She wasn't thought of as the goddess of wisdom until the late classic.
  3. She was born when Hephaestus cleaved Zeus's forehead with an axe and she emerged fully armed.
  4. She aided Odysseus and Hercules on their quests.
  5. She was Zeus's favorite child.
  6. She was allowed to use Zeus's weapons including his thunderbolt.
  7. Her holy tree was the olive tree.
  8. She won a contest against Poseidon to be the patron goddess of Athens.
  9. She turned Medusa into a gorgon.
  10. Medusa's head was attached to her goatskin shield.