Broward Summer LEC

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Welcome to Imagine Language and Literacy

Imagine Learning and the Broward County Public Schools Bilingual department will be working together to support ELLs. We look forward to working closely with you to ensure that you have a successful implementation. Thank you for teaching with Imagine Learning!

Things to Remember

  • Students and teachers will log in via Clever Single Sign-On (LaunchPad).
  • Students will work on their individualized pathways when logged in to Imagine Language and Literacy. This digital instruction should be complemented by teacher-led instruction, creating a blended learning experience
  • Blended Learning Goal: Use Imagine Language and Literacy resources to drive instruction. The focus is for students to acquire and develop language skills through activities focused on: speaking and listening, vocabulary development, fluency practice, grammar, and writing.
  • Students should receive 160 minutes of Imagine Language and Literacy program use each week
  • Session times will need to be edited. Remember, students are logged out at the end of the session. Make the adjustments necessary to fit your implementation schedule. (tutorial below)
  • Language support must be manually enabled. (tutorial below)
  • Upon login, you will create your group. Use LEC + Teacher's name when naming your group. ex, LEC Smith
  • You must add students to those groups (tutorial below)

Ready to get the most out of your Imagine Learning product? Visit Imagine Learning University, a self-service education website designed specifically for busy educators like you. Do you have colleagues who were unable to make our training session, share ILU with them!

There, you can:

  • Learn the essentials of program management and how to facilitate student sessions.
  • Inform and enhance instruction with the help of real-time data.
  • Facilitate student success through innovative use of digital activities and offline materials.

Helpful Features

  • On-demand access-24/7
  • Self-paced learning
  • Certificates for course completion

Enroll at

Click Start Now- Create account- Complete all fields.- Create new account

*All the green buttons.

Watch the following Imagine Learning Language+ Literacy:

Getting Started with Language + Literacy

  • Welcome to Imagine Language & Literacy (for teachers)

Student Experience

  • Welcome Students (show to students)

Key Features

As discussed in our training session, there are a few programs features that, when utilized, will help your students get the most from their time in LEC. Below are short tutorials detailing the key features discussed. Ready for more? You can find information on all of our program features by visiting Imagine Learning University!


Weekly and Bi-Weekly Usage Contest


Each site will receive freeze pops to share with students who meet weekly usage goals of 160-minutes per week. Freeze pops will be delivered to each site during the first week of camp. Camps will organize the distribution of weekly freeze pops.

Top Class per Campus

Every two weeks, classes that meet or exceed the usage goal will be entered into a drawing. The randomly selected top class per campus will be awarded a $20 Publix gift card to be used for snacks. The teacher will receive an Imagine Learning Booster cup and stickers for the class.

Top Student per Campus

Every two weeks, students that meet or exceed the usage goal will be entered into a drawing. The top student per campus will be awarded a $10 McDonald's gift card, Imagine Learning Booster cup, and wrist band.

Look forward to announcing the winners. Good luck!

Reach Out!

I am always happy to assist. But, if you need help quickly, please contact our Customer Care department; they are available via live chat, email, or text, 8am-8pm (EST) Monday-Friday! They are standing by to help you get the most from your Imagine Learning Product.