Santiago Lopez Period 6

Should Schools Start Later In The Morning

I Say Yes...


People actually are more awake at night or later in the morning, you're just more aware of things, making it easier to process information through their minds. Unless your a baby, then you'll need your sleep.

1. Good Night Rest

What Good Is It?

Having a great rest makes you have a better mood of things as you wake up, and I know since I have a sister who cries every time when she didn't sleep right, but shes not a baby.

2. More Time To Prepare

Get Ready...

Saturday, July 1st 2023 at 8:15am-3:45pm


Sometimes it's not the time, its the person, but most of those people take showers, eat breakfast, change cloths, walk, etc. Began to run out of time and barely get to school or are late. Lets say someone misses their alarm at 7:00 and wakes up at 7:34, so they take a 5 minute shower, find clothes to wear(2 Minutes), wears clothes (1 Minute), eat breakfast (6 Minutes), then walks to school (10 Minutes). I mean its now 7:58, but is stressed since he rushed making him make mistakes at school. It wouldn't have happen if school was later in the morning.

3. Clear Minded

Do Better...

After being prepared, some time to clear your mind will just help you a lot more in school. So you won't forget something, like leaving on the stove that is going to make you worried. You'll soon mess-up and loose focus.