Mrs.Myers' Weekly Newsletter

October 10th- October 14th

Notes from Mrs,Myers

Hello! Whew- we made it! The first half of this semester is over and we are jumping straight into the second half! With a new quarter comes LOTS of new content, so please stay up to date by reading these newsletters so that you know what all is going on! :)

  • Weekly Updates (Last Week) Last week was crazy, and my intentions of getting the updates completed did not come to fruition! My husband and I had a last minute opportunity to move in with family (to shorten my 1.5 hour commute to a 5 minute commute) until Christmas. My life was in boxes last week, and most of my time not spent at school was spent looking for things and trying to unpack! Now that everything is settled, this week we will be back on track! :)
  • Mrs.Myers will be out 10/21. Just giving you a heads up! If you need me on 10/21, feel free to text me with any questions or concerns! :)
  • Progress Reports will be coming home this Friday! Because you will get an update from me this week, nothing will be a shock to you! Please make sure to sign and return the progress report and send it back in on Monday! :)

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


Technology Titan Homework due FRIDAY! (Explorers Practice Test)

I posted the Technology Titan homework just a few minutes ago. Normally, these are a full 7-days, however, this one is an EXPLORERS PRACTICE TEST! Since the Explorers test is on Friday, this homework is due on Friday. The students can take the practice test as many times as they need, see their scores, and explanations for missed questions. This is going to be a GREAT resource to prepare for their daily grades and tests this week! :)

Book Clubs

Book clubs will begin this week! Groups will be chosen based on skill need/reading level! Students are going to start out the clubs with a non-fiction book that they should have brought home over the weekend. The students know which pages need to be read and they should be placing sticky notes to record their thinking throughout the book. In two weeks, they will begin a fictional novel. Groups are flexible and may change every couple of weeks. :)

Bingo Night - 10/28

Bingo Night is Friday, October 28th! This is a GREAT event! Feel free to wear a costume and come hang out with our school community for some fun fall activities, and of course, BINGO! :)

CookieMan Fundraiser Pick-Up Date Change

Previously, the pick up date was 11/8, which is election day. It has been rescheduled for 11/9.

Month at a Glance

October 10...........Columbus Day - Student Holiday - Teacher Planning Day

October 11...........Dogwood Pizza Night

October 12...........International Night Informational Meeting

October 24-27.....Pumpkin Voting

October 26-28......ITBS 2 & 5 - No lunch visitors

October 28...........BINGO Night

My Card Project

Mr. Fields is working on a fun fundraiser with a company called MyCard. He will be having each student work on a winter design. The student's design will then be turned into a very nice set of greeting cards. Parents can purchase these for $14.95 (a set of 10 cards)! Every set of cards we sell we get a profit of $3 back towards our school! All orders NEED to be returned to Mr. Fields by November 4th! More information to come as students finish their designs! :)

United Way Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser

This year, students can purchase a "pumpkin" from Mr.Fields to decorate for $0.50. These "pumpkins" will be added to our classroom "pumpkin patch" and the class with the most pumpkins wins the chance to pie Mr.Fields in the face! All proceeds go to United Way. This is a FUN event for the kids and they get REALLY into it! Just giving you a heads up! :)

Coming up this week!

Topics we are covering:

Reading: First-hand accounts vs. second-hand accounts

*** Book Clubs begin this week! ***

Writing: Informational (Guided)

Social Studies: Explorers (final week!)

Math: Factors and Multiples

Word Work: voc-, vok-, voice- Prefixes

Tests and Quizzes

Tuesday: Henry Hudson and Jacques Cartier Open-Note Daily Grade

Wednesday: Cumulative Explorers CLOSED NOTE Daily Grade

Friday: Explorers Test

About Mrs.Myers

Please make sure if you have an urgent concern or question to text me at 678-977-7088! I do not always check e-mail once I make it home. :)