Terry Lankan

Terry Lankan

After he graduated from Ohio State University, Terry Lankan worked as an antipoverty advocate in Houston, Texas. He was then, and is now, a very adamant supporter of public works programs, because he grew up in an extremely impoverished area. Lankan soon became a beloved figure in the Houston area, and went on to serve in the Houston City Council, and then later became mayor. He served 2 terms as the mayor, and decreased the number of kids joining gangs by nearly 50%, but the people of Texas just could not get enough of Terry Lankan. Consequently, he served 8 terms as the Representative of Texas.



Terry doesn't believe in corporal punishment for the citizens of this country, because the death penalty has never been proven to be

a deterrent

for committing a crime. But for those who aim to harm the good people of America, and want to destroy all that we stand for in this great nation, he believes that the ultimate punishment should be prescribed.
Lankan also believes in second chances. If elected president, he will place a greater emphasis on preventing crime and rehabilitating first-time offenders, in hopes that as a result, they won't commit crime again. He is against citizens owning handguns, because guns are used most frequently to commit crimes. But he is, of course, in favor of our Constitutional right to bear arms, and is not opposed to ownership of other types of firearms.

Save the Earth

The Environment: Terry Lankan is very serious about doing our part as a leading nation to protect the earth and the environment that we live in. He believes that if people had more incentives to incorporate environmentally friendly actions into their everyday lives, then more people would participate in doing so. So if elected president, Lankan will guarantee tax credits for both individuals and businesses who voluntarily commit to reducing carbon emissions through the use of solar power, hybrid cars, and other methods. He also will initiate tax credits for businesses that invest in alternative energy research. Terry and his administration will also pursue new ways to encourage oil and auto-manufacturing industries to turn to alternative fuel production and consumption.