Community Supported Agriculture

High quality, fresh produce

What is a CSA?

When you join a CSA you are essentially buying a share of vegetables from a farmer. This regional farmer then drops off the fresh produce at a place near you so that you have access to high quality produce if you live in a place where it's hard to get.

What is the costs?

The costs for a season of CSA is about $450-$650. This price covers 7-10 types of vegetables for a family of about 2-3.

Benefits of CSA

1. Fresh organic produce

2. Learning about new unfamiliar vegetables

3. Supports local farmers and economy

4.Relationships with farmers

5.Healthier diet

6. Saves time


CSA's allow both farmers and consumer to have to take responsibility for things like bad weather or crop destruction. The consumer pays for the farmers upstart for the season and in return gets produce from the farmer. With this system the farmers aren't the sole person who is responsible for bad crop seasons.

Waste management

CSA's make it possible for farmers to make just as much food as needed. This reduces the amount of waste significantly. This process is great way to cut back on food thrown away and allows for more food to be given to our rising population.