Go Ask Alice

Samantha Solis

Story Elements

Go Ask Alice takes place in Alice's house, school and outdoors during the present. The main conflict in the story is that Alice gets into drugs and does many other bad stuff. This brook begins with a nice girl that never does anything bad and moves and doesn't have lot of friends.

Character Analysis

The main character is Alice. Three words to describe the main character are sometimes smart, nice and crazy. The character is motivated by her old friends , her parents and her new friends once she moves again. I dislike the main character because she doesn't think things though before making the dissensions. The relationship between Alice and Chris is that they both run away and they both get addicted to drugs.


The theme of the novel is Alice getting into drugs. One example that supports the theme is she meets some guys and ends up doing stuff with them. Another example is she runs away far from her house with Chris. A third example from the book is she ends up in the hospital and then in a mental hospital. A final example that supports the theme is Alice family ends up moving again to help out Alice.


i give this book a rate of 5 because it ends up getting boring just reading about Alice experience and the dissensions she makes. I think teens can relate to this novel because they'll know about her experience with drugs. And that can get them thing about the dissensions they make and they can also be careful. but also not everyone will experiences the same thing.