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A color choice quiz and some things I like.

Results from my color test.

I more often asume that someone did something that they possibly have not.

I am more sensitive toward people I know.

I care for family more than my inspiration.

Les Miserables - Anne Hathaway - I Dreamed A Dream (lyrics) (Full Verison)

Les Miserables

It is a 3 hour musical so I don't recommend bringing a ton of soda drinking. :/

My favorite song is shown aboveAnne hathaway was amazing for the part.

I also like The Secret World

This game is cool

It is about the real world but with all the myths and conspiracies and all other things we thought were fake.So you can pick a secret society to be in and bring power to them.

Star Wars The Old Republic

This is my favorite video game.It s star wars but a lot more interesting and I made a Sith assassin and he is level 50. They are pretty much like Darth Maul from the first star wars movie.They can also shoot lightning from their hands.