Judgment from Society

Ashley K. Barkow, Bailey E. Fenendael, & Molly P. Keopke

What is judgement?

Have you ever felt like you are not being excepted by others? Judgement is when you assume something about someone that puts them in a category, almost like stereotyping.

What is the Problem?

Why? Why do people get judged by others? We are all human beings, so why do we look at everyone differently and make assumptions?

The Background

People think they are superior to others, when in reality we are all the same.

Who is Impacted?

Everyone, everyone is affected by judgement, whether its directly or indirectly.

The Importance

The importance to addressing this problem is that everyone has been judged and it could lead to physiological damage, mental scarring, and even death.

The Solutions to this Problem

- Have everybody think of themselves as equals

- Step into the shoes of the person being judged.

- Don't think of yourself as being a better person.

Pros and Cons of these solutions

Pros- It could potentially stop judgement and give everybody else a new perspective of the peers.

Cons- Not everybody would want to this or be up to this. People are just hard to convince in general.

The Best Solution to this Problem.

- The best solution would be to step into the shoes of the person being judged. It something we can all do verbally or non verabally and nobody has to know if you took the time to think about the person and how they would feel.


-Judgement is a real and evident problem. If we stopped judgement we can changed the way society and culture works all together.