Principal Update

March 30, 2017

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Brooks School Bears are THINKERS and COLLABORATORS.

We CARE for one another and CELEBRATE each other.

BSE Crew,

Happy Spring Break! Thank you for your hard work and continuous smiles for the past grueling days!

After spending two days last week in training reflecting on our teaming practices as a professional learning community with Solution Tree, Fatima and I are excited to next year's focused work around Our Beliefs, Establishing Effective Teams, and Data Practices. Every ounce of energy we place into this work is directed at our ability achieve a high level of success for all colleagues and for all students. This work is truly a continuation of our past 5 years, however it is time to refresh and provide clarity of our purpose around the work we do at BSE. We will discuss this further at the April staff meeting.

Take a look at the "essential questions" below and I'll bet that almost all of you see this in your team agenda or discussions. The good news is that we have begun this work long ago and already on track for what the district expects from us as professionals. As always we strive to be reflective practitioners and desire to grow as professionals. Team leaders will provide further detail along the way as we head into the final months of school. Until then, enjoy the flowers, green grass and sunshine!

Remember...warm weather brings positive energy and positive energy brings JOY.

Keep the energy high for the kids all the way through. We've got this! Yes...Fatima chose the background for this update:)

Please take special notice of the survey link below in regard to grade level assignments for 2017-2018. This is your opportunity to share, so please do.


Essential Questions for the BSE Learning Community

1. What do we expect our students to learn? (Goals/Expectations)

2. How will we know they are learning? (Assessment)

3. How will we respond when they don’t learn? (Intervention)

4. How will we respond if they already know it? (High Ability)

Welcome Mr. Kyle Warkentin to bse

Kyle is eager to jump in and assist with technology issues that come up. Please go ahead and fill out tickets for him via the Intranet. Kyle is a graduate of International Business College. He also attended HSE schools, and lives in Fishers. Please stop by and say hello to Kyle! He can tell you about his 4 Chihuahuas!

ISTEP Updates

It's almost time again for 3rd and 4th graders to "Show what they know" with ISTEP Part II.

4th graders will be testing April 17-21 and April 25-28.

3rd graders will be testing April 18-20 and April 25-27.

Rotation days remain the same.

Specials Switching will occur April 17-28 for 10 days in order to eliminate confusion.

The schedule is as follows:

9:10: Robinson 2, Beyrer, Cespedes

9:45: Valentine, Johnson, Masters

10:20: Arndt, Collab, Siwik

10:55: Gaudreau, Monkul, Kalustian

12:25: Anders, Dale, Day (no change)

1:00: Skaggs, Ziegler, Mulvaney

1:35: Symons, Robinson 3, Lothamer (recess overlap by 1 min)

2:10: Kussy, Stephenson, Smith

2:45: Murch, Porzuczek, Margolis

If there is a conflict overlooked, please communicate asap via email to Fatima Rich.

Congrats to MRs. bigger

Mrs. Bigger is part of our Early Childhood team and is expecting a baby boy in July! She experiencing hunger at a level she has never before and is happily accepting snacks!

NWEA in May

Can you believe it? May will be just around the corner when we return from Spring Break! Testing should try and take place between May 1-12 in order to prepare for RTI updates the following week.

Teachers should attempt to test on the days determined by team leads below but if needed, may adjust. Times are up to classroom teacher in order to coordinate with the Resource Team for accommodations.

Kindergarten: May 3 & 4

1st Grade: May 3 & 8 or 11

2nd Grade: May 1 & 2

3rd Grade: May 9 & 10

4th Grade: May 4 & 5

  • The Ipad cart will be charged and available with extra Ipads.
  • Questions or assistance needed, email Fatima to have an extra set of hands.

Farewell and Good Luck to Mrs. Killion

Mrs. Killion has been part of our Resource Team as an IA this year and is taking on another opportunity with Sylvan just down the road where she will continue to impact kids. She will miss BSE and said her time here was valuable and full of rich experiences that will help her with the next chapter of her journey. Wish her good luck this week!

RTI Wrap Up for 2016-2017

Monday May 15 Grades K/1/2

Tuesday May 16 Grades 3/4

To sign up for your time - please click here and choose the correct tab for your grade level. *One student name per box (2 students for every 10 minutes...ish)

Thank you for your diligence with interventions, enrichments, and progress monitoring. All students receiving support in T2 or T3 for literacy, behavior, or math must be discussed these dates in order to continue services in the fall for the 2017-2018 school year. Many students will also be dismissed at this time and a celebration as NWEA scores will help determine growth from fall to spring. Please come prepared with the following:

  1. NWEA scores (fall and spring)
  2. AimsWeb notes (we will pull data up on screen)
  3. Patterns/changes noticed
  4. Plan for exit/continue service
  5. Current Assessments (F&P, Moby, Behavior Charts, etc.)

In of Honor Amy Krouse Rosenthal

On the morning of March 13th, the world lost a fantastic author, woman, and all-around spectacular human being when Amy Krouse Rosenthal passed away from cancer. Amy was the Global Read Aloud picture book author for 2015 and was magnificent. Even though she had just been diagnosed with cancer and our plans had to change, she still answered tweets and questions from around the world. She was proud to be a part of this project and to see connections being made around the world. For the projects she didn't just participate but had to put her own stamp on it, creating the Global Random Acts of Kindness Week and the Glow Ball Read Dahl Loud day - this was Amy's genius; she saw the wonder in whatever she was a part of and wanted people to find more joy in the ordinary. I wept along with the rest of the world when the news of her death broke.

So in honor or Amy, the Facebook group created by Kirby Larson #MoreforAKR is asking all of us to celebrate her on what would have been her birthday April 29th.

You can celebrate any way you want, but I ask you to perhaps take a moment to read one of Amy's books aloud to your students, to purchase a copy of one of her books and pass it someone else so that Amy's life and mission is not lost to the world.

Launching INquiry Conference for all teachers and staff!

Wednesday, June 7th, 8am to Thursday, June 8th, 4pm

13000 Promise Road

Fishers, IN

Carolyn Porzuczek, Fatima Rich, and Megan Thompson are signed up to present at the conference and we would love company!

Are you thinking about presenting? What are you proud of? How can you help other teachers with technology? HSE21? Literacy? Math? STEM?

You do not want to miss this event as a presenter or participant. We have had plenty of participation as both in the past and hope to do the same this summer! Mark your calendar now.

Want more info? Ask! Or visit here.

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Tech Guides

Library in May

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