Creative classes offered by Science

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Creative classes offered by Science Cosmos

Science cosmos is a fun program that allows the children to develop awareness in the field of technology, engineering and science. The classes help in stimulating the interest of children towards science. Children enjoy indulging in activities and through these activities they can learn about a discovery and building in a fun setting.

STEM classes

Concepts are taught to the students in STEMclasses. They are taught how to build machines and models with the aid of robots, Knex, circuits and Lego.Concepts can be learnt in an interactive manner with the use of Lego Robotics. The kids are engaged in curriculums that are progressive. The classes are organized in a manner that allows the children to learn concepts at a pace that is best suited for them.

Students who perform exceedingly well are encouraged during the classes. The duration that is recommended for students ranges from 6 to 12 months. Enrollments can be done anytime as the children get to take up and experience the courses at a pace that is suitable for them. Science Cosmos offer best projects and experiments for the children. The classes are interactive and unique. The projects that are offered are appropriate to the age of the children.The Lego robotics and science projects and sessions are customized to help the children get a basic insight into the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Minecraft S.T.E.A.M & Video Game Learning classes

In these classes, the children get to learn how to play video games. They are also taught how to have their own games created. This permits them to channel their creativity and interest. This program allows for independent learning. Annual memberships and monthly plans are offered by Science Cosmos. Enrollments happen all round the year. This lets them learn things in an engaging program. This program is offered at Science Cosmos as a parallel program. Students can enroll for this program separately. Students are also offered other programs that include Arts Cosmos program and STEM program. Discounts are as well offered to the students and parents can inquire from the branch that is near to them.

Art Cosmos: Learn how to paint

These classes feature lessons pertaining to painting from the talented and the famous artists. Each artist featured has a unique style and the classes explore the techniques and the life history of the artists that can inspire the students taking up the class.Specific techniques that were utilized by the masters are taught to the kids who are aged above 6. This will also help them to appreciate the story that led to the creation of famous paintings.

Use of modern digital tools in learning

Children are exposed to the digital arts in a creative manner with the use of creative softwares and Adobe Photoshop Elements. The students get to work in an independent manner. There teachers regularly supervise the children and assist them while they are trying to learn the navigation of the tools. They are taught how to make use of the principles and elements of design in order to create their own art works.

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