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Week of May 23, 2016

This Weeks Events

It is hard to believe that the last week of school is upon us. While we want to have fun and enjoy these last days with our students, please be reminded that structure, consistency, and vigilance are key. The admin team should not walk by and see students sitting idle or having "free time". The phone policy is in place until the students walk out the door on the last day of school. The only exception will be for those students going to Sky Zone- They can take their phones with them. Please keep a watch for water bottles, or any container that students bring to school. We have had several problems this year with students bringing in items they shouldn't have at school.

Field Day

Field Day is a go for Wednesday, May 25th. Please make sure to follow your schedule and sign up for all events. The weather looks like it may cooperate.


I will be signing awards and sending them back to your classroom this week. Please make sure you have them turned in so that I can have them ready by Thursday/Friday.

Packing Up

If you are moving rooms, please make sure your items are boxed up and the location of your items is marked on the outside of all your boxes. Please have students clean out all desks. All items other than bookcases (if you still have them filled) will be moved out of your room so that it is cleaned throughly. Please make sure your room is ready prior to leaving on Friday. Students should not be assisting with the tear down (standing on chairs, carrying things to the dumpster, etc...). Please refrain from loading the dungeon up with JUNK. If you do not want it- take it home or get rid of it.

Summer Painting

As you have noticed, the walls, trim, and paneling in many of the classrooms is chipped or paint is pulling away. If you have touch-up areas in your room and outside your hallway area, please do the following to ensure that it gets fixed.

  • Yvonne has strips of bright colored paper. Please take as many as you need so that you can tape strips of paper on the area that needs touched up. Please do this for all areas both inside and outside your classroom.


If you have been notified that you are receiving a smart board- please use a sheet of paper and note where in your room you would like the board placed. Please write on the paper, "SMARTBOARD HERE" and place it in the desired location.


If you plan on purchasing supplies on your own this summer for next year, please make sure you get a tax id form from the front office. You can not be reimbursed for tax.

Summer Committees

If you would like to be on one of the summer committees, please let me know prior to leaving. There will be a stipend paid for your time this summer. Proposed schedules must be completed by July 8th.

  • Schedule (this includes lunch, special area, recess)
  • Safety Committee (safety plan, drills, and folder updates