What Are Workers Rights?

Week of April 1-7

The Struggle.

Working long hard hours in poor working conditions just to earn a dollar a day? Workers in the United States are fighting for there rights by starting strikes and forming trade unions. Workers are forming trade unions because they are afraid of losing their jobs and their main goals are to obtain a ten-hour work day and to influence an investigation of working conditions by the Massachusetts state legislature. Many strikes have failed but that doesn't bring the hopes down of these workers. Sarah G. Bagley who formed the Lowell female labor reform association in 1844 and publicized the struggles of factory laborers. Now many working men and women support the 10-hour-workday campaign. Will you?


Weather on April 1st, April 2nd, and April 3rd

Weather on April 1st is going to be a high of 60 degrees and a low of 54 degrees with clear skies and a sunny day perfect for a day off of working at the mils. On April 2nd the weather is going to be  cloudy with a high of 56 degress and a low of 50 degress, and 10 m/hour of wind the weathr will be perfect for a long day of work. On April 3rd it is going to be a chance of pertictpation of 75% humidty of 53% and a high of 56 degrees and a low of 52 degress, this gives you a chance to stay home with the kids.