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Important Information and Reminders

-LSLA is a Peanut/Nut Free Campus, please be mindful when packing student lunches and snacks.

-Parent Contact Information: Parents are responsible for notifying Lone Star Language Academy of any changes in their address, telephone number, and/or email address so that we can update our records accordingly. It is important for parent communication that Lone Star Language Academy has a valid, working parent email address.

-School Day: Classes begin at 8:15 a.m. and are dismissed at 3:30 p.m. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:00 a.m. They will be supervised, but there are no organized activities before the instructional day begins.

-Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures: All students must be dropped off and picked up ONLY in the designated areas. Parents can also park and walk to drop off (after 8:10 am) and pick up their child (after 4:00 pm) from the designated areas. Students may not be signed out after 2:45 p.m., proper dismissal procedures must be followed after that time. If a student is being signed out after 2:45 p.m., proper documentation is required upon school arrival the following day. (Doctors note, funeral, dentist, etc.)

-Release of Students from School: A student will not be released from school at times other than at the end of the school day except with permission from a parent/legal guardian or designee and in accordance with campus sign-out procedures. Additionally, state rules require that parental consent be obtained before a student under the age of 18 may leave campus at any point in the school day.

Teacher Spotlight

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First Day of School Pics

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Message from Ms. Carrera:

It has been a whirlwind of a week for LSLA! The students have been spending a lot of time learning/practicing routines and procedures that they will be using for the remainder of the school year. However, they are also staying busy with Art, Music, PE, Brain Breaks, Recess time, Foreign Language, etc. The days are very full which explains how tired they are when they get back to you at the end of the day.

I want to thank ALL of our parents for providing LSLA STAFF with lunch and breakfast these past two weeks. Thank you!

Effective, September 4th, LSLA will be enforcing the uniform dress code. Students are to be in uniform Monday-Thursday. Navy or Khaki bottoms with the LSLA initials embroidered on the left-hand side pocket. The LSLA logo should be embroidered on the left side of the Collard shirts. Solid black, white, or brown shoes may be worn. LSLA administration has been in contact with the local vendor and we are aware of the uniform delivery dates.

A small reminder that students are allowed to wear appropriate finger length jean shorts on Fridays with a Spirit Shirt, College T-Shirt, or a Collard LSLA Uniform Shirt. The shoes may be out of uniform color on Friday ONLY! (No Lights or No Wheels)

Have a nice weekend & Go EAGLES!

Ms. Priscila Carrera

About Lone Star Language Academy

The mission of the Lone Star Language Academy is to provide every student an innovative 21st Century learning experience in an environment that is supported by rigorous and engaging instruction and language acquisition that connects to every child's life experiences.