MGP Choice: Craze over technology

By: Aidan Goldman

Advancements in technology

Technological advancements have made high speed research and gaming possible. At the beginning of computers, 64GB fit into a computer the size of a small classroom and now it fits into a tiny microchip. These advancements have allowed for high speed research that led to scientific discoveries and whole new divisions of learning. The negative is that paper and pen is being replaced with tablets and iPads, which limit creativity and can easily waste time or distract with the use of the Internet or mobile gaming.

Harmful Effect: Lack of creativity. Solution: Give small children Toys and coloring books or un-plug

Electronic devices have reached the point where most of their functions involve mindlessly wasting time in pointless games and social media. The overuse of these resources can lead to a lack of creativity and imagination. This can lead to a future of people relying on technology for basic tasks thus will never innovate or take the next step forward to evolve using creativity and imagination. Some solutions include installing a time limit app on your device that only lets you use emergency functions after the use limit for the day is reached. As well as giving young children action figures and non electronic toys and coloring books to engage their imagination and spark creativity. These solutions will lead to a more independent self thinking generation than where we're heading to now.

Harmful Effect: Physical health. Solution: Time restricting application

Although not the biggest factor, technology can still lead for people to be physically unhealthy. Easily accessible technology provides a time wasting alternative to being active and playing outside. Many children suffer from being overweight or obese not only because of fast food, but from an indirect factor of technology. A small child will likely choose to play game on an electronic device instead of being active. A solution to this is install an app that after a chosen amount of playing time, deactivates the device and can only be reactivated by whoever has the password so that you can tell your child to play outside. Of course there's the obvious solution of just using technology for minimal reasons such as calling, texting, and internet research. Using either or both of these solutions will make your life better and could ultimately better society as a whole.