By Marta and Kailyn!

The Science Behind Droughts

When there is little precipitation and the water levels get low, droughts occur. Droughts have a serious affect on the ecosystem and agriculture in the affected area. Droughts provide little water to support crops, which causes hunger. Droughts can also cause hazards like wildfires, dust storms, heat waves, and flash floods.

What to do when droughts are by you!

-don't pour water down the drain
-only use water when you really need it
-listen to authorities' rules
-take short showers, not baths
-don't let water run when you brush your teeth
-learn from the drought and be prepared for the next one

Droughts in the Past

Interesting Facts

1. Droughts can occur anywhere in the U.S.

2. The water we see today is about a billion years old, which is why water sources are limited.

3. Toilets use about 7 gallons of water even after one flush.

4. There are 4 types of droughts: meteorogical, agricultural, hydrological, and socioeconomic.

5. The hotter the climate, the worse the drought.

Droughts in the U.S (Decade)