Mexico City

The Best Place on Earth

Different Food Options

Mexico City has different types of delicious foods. Tamales are many people favorite. they are wrapped in corn husks. Salsa is just a sauce that allows you to add your own ingredients. Chili is also a favorite mexican dish. it can be made many ways but meat and beans are used.


The Mexican dance culture is so amazing. They have lots of different dance styles. They sing their songs in spanish. It is refreshing to the soul to hear music with so much passion.


Acapulco is the orginal Mexican resort town. The Copper Canyons are a network of canyons which together are several times bigger the Grand Canyon. El Castillo is a world famous pyramid.


The climate in Mexico City has a subtropical highland climate. The lower region of the valley receives less rainfall than the upper regions.


Spanish is the national language in Mexico City. The Mexican government recognizes 68 distinct indigenous Ameridian languages.

Mexico City Art

Mexico's major contribution to the art of the 20th century, murals were originally commissioned in the wake of the Mexican Revolution by the enlightened education minister Vasconelos.
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