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Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association

The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association is a non-profit organization that helps children and youth be effective communicators, deep thinkers, and engaged community members.

2019 - SEDA Speech and Debate Camp

Monday, Aug. 12th, 9am to Friday, Aug. 16th, 4pm

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon's annual debate camp is open to all students in grades 5-12 who are wanting to learn all about speech and debate in a friendly and engaging learning environment. At debate camp, we recognize every debater is at a different stage of learning, and we want to accommodate all debaters. Those campers who are brand new to debate or public speaking can expect a set of classes designed to cover all the basics of speech and debate, while campers who have debate experience will select their own courses to learn specific skills and content that interests them.

While every day at debate camp is a little different, campers can expect days with classes focused on individual skills, group games and activities, and lots of opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills in different debate styles and speech activities.

Registration for the 2019 Summer Debate Camp is now open. Registration is open from May 6th until August 2nd. The standard price for camp is $200 per student but if you register before June 15th you qualify for our Early Bird price of $175.

If you reside outside of Saskatoon, please apply and SEDA will try to arrange billets for you in the city.

If you are willing to be a billet for an out-of-town camper, please email info@saskdebate.com with 'Billet' in the subject line.

Congratulations to the teams that attended the Junior National Debate Championships in Montreal

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Thank you to coaches Elyn Achtymichuk-Hardy and Melissa Mah for their leadership and support. Congratulations to the following students on representing Saskatchewan at Junior Nationals!

  • Will Shevkenek and Rohan Nair
  • Fatima Anees and and Huda Abdelkerim
  • Sahasro Bhowmik and Lucas Tarry
  • Muhammad Mahmood and Fatima Anees
  • Dishita Emayararamban and Rafay Ahmed
  • Elliott Costa and Ty Deutscher
  • Anne Kimpton and Lauren Chang

Congratulations to our Senior National Teams!

  • Muhammad Ahmed and Victor Wu
  • Chan-Min Roh and Josie Harrison
  • Mueez Rafiquie and Nathan Groat
  • Carrick Peak and Seth Noel
  • Joshua Soifer and Jasnoor Guilani
  • Bridget Salamon and Kaia Bater
  • Jarica Gooding and Sanjana Brijlall

Dear SEDA Directors, Staff, Funders, and Membership,

It was my pleasure to accompany Team Sask to Debate Senior Nationals and Team Canada Tryouts in Halifax this spring. The team represented our province and community well and we all learned much. Our students are prompt and grateful guests, respectful opponents, and easy to chaperone. Plus, they are a collegial team—working together, supporting and caring for each other.

It’s difficult to duplicate the experience our young people have when travelling out of province. They get to meet skilled opponents in round after round for 2 days, and experience the pressure of prepping a prepared resolution for national competition.

For coaches and chaperones, we also get to see a higher level of skill that we can isolate and teach and we all get to hear feedback from judges from other regions.And then our debaters come back to our province and raise the level of competition at our own tournaments. I hope we will continue to support our young people as they challenge themselves to compete at a higher level, offering encouragement, a high level of teaching, and financial support for our students and volunteer coaches who pour out of their own bank accounts and valuable free time to mentor our province’s young people.

I’m grateful to be able to watch these relationships grow and have my own small part in supporting this community. Thank you for your generous financial support and gifts of your own time and expertise this year, and for many years past.


Jennifer Peak

Coach, SHED

As we celebrate our 45th Anniversary we invite you to join our ‘Words Are Powerful’ Campaign and donate to support SEDA and its work with Saskatchewan's young people. Your donation will enable us to expand our programs and keep them affordable and accessible.


Thank You

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