Cyber Bullying

Ways to use cellphone in a good way.

How to stop Cyber Bullying in different ways

Cyber Bullying hurts right? Well, there are many ways to stop Cyber Bullying.

1. If you see a bully that is chasing you all around from school, tell the teacher or your parents. They will help you the right thing to keep out of the bully's problems.

2. When a bully texts to you at night like at 2 or 3 in the morning, you should ignore the bully.

3. If a bully something saying bad to you like mean words, walk away.

4. When your playing with your friends but a bully comes in to start to punch to and kicks you . You should tell the teacher or call your parents.

5. A bully texts you on a computer or on a phone saying ''I HATE U!!!'' or ''U R A LOSER!!'', you should talk to your parents so they could help you about your problems.