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We Are Still Gearing Up for 6th Grade Band!

Although mouthpiece testing and instrument fittings have been postponed, the Patrick Marsh and Prairie View band staff are already working to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year. This newsletter will provide you with some basic information and the process we will follow.

Can I Still Join Band?

YES! We would like to encourage all students to consider joining 6th grade band next year. Although course registration took place back in January, we are happy to work with student services to make changes to student's course selections. Regardless if you "officially" registered for band in January, we would like ALL interested families to fill out the form below.

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Why Join Band?

Band Testimonials 2020

What Are The Next Steps In The Process?

May 12 - Instrument Selection Form will be sent to interested families. Students will get to make a first and second instrument choice.

May 14 - A live Zoom meeting will be held for any interested band families who would like to ask questions.

May 21 - Instrument selection online form is due.

May 28 - Instrument selection finalized.

What instruments can my student play next year?

To help your student's decision, we have included videos of each instrument that we start in 6th grade below.


About the Flute


About the Clarinet


About the Trumpet


About the Trombone


About the Euphonium


About the Tuba

Percussion-By Audition Only

Percussion is available for students to play by audition only due to the high degree of independence that these instruments require. Auditions will take place in October and all interested students should sign up for band. All students will be placed on a woodwind or brass instrument to start on.
About Percussion

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