Pele The King of Football

By Ruth Zimberg

Dear Debbie

I read a book.

The name of the book is "Pele - The King Of Football"

The author is Ruth Zimberg.

The characters in the book is Pele.

The book is a biography.

The book is a about Pele's life. At first it tells about his poor childhood, later it tells about his life as a teenager and a professional soccer player, and at the end about all of the prizes he won.

Ilearnt 10 new words from the story. Here they are:

Try out - לנסות

Treasure - אוצר

Padding - ריפוד

Pearl - פנינה

Honor - כבוד

Escape - להמלט

Environment - סביבה

Minister - שר

Improve - לשפר

Composed - הלחין


Guri Shlomi