Myers Minute

Growing, learning, and having fun!

Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame-May 10th

If you have not turned in your dollar yet please do so as soon as possible. There will be a small gift shop available and students are allowed to bring money at the parent's discretion. Students will need to bring a sack lunch that day. If it would happen to be raining that day, we will return to school after the museum.

Ag Day

We had a great time today at Ag Day! Ask your student about all the different animals we saw. In addition to animals, we learned about farm safety, bees, and agriculture in Indiana. Did you know there are more chickens in Indiana than people?!

Schools That Change Communities

We had some wonderful discussions with Ms. Alex! After our classroom discussions we came up with a couple of activities that we would like to complete. The first one is a walking field trip around our community. During our walk we are going to be taking pictures of some of things we love about our community and also some of the things we would like to see changed. Our walk is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, as long as there's no rain!

The other activity will be taking an afternoon to walk around the school grounds and pick up any trash. After we have everything cleaned up we have several flowers to plant around the sign and the front of the school. This will be on May 13th. If anyone would like to come help that day, please let me know. We will also probably need some small shovels to dig holes for the flowers.

If you have any questions, please let me know :)

Don't Forget!

*May 5th- Walking Field Trip

*May 10th- Hall of Fame Field Trip

*May 13th- clean up/plant flowers

*Field Day will be May 13th

*Last day of School/Awards Day May 18th